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nice work the detail makes it look a bit more real

AdventVoice responds:

Thank you very much for your kind words. I have not done a project like this in a while. I wanted to stick with "traditional," story telling for a while.

sawesome reminds me of the movie the thing great work and makes me wanna watch it again lol

Comick responds:

Oh yes, the Thing was a super cool film. Poor Fibble wishes it was a movie, instead gets it right on his couch...real 3D effects!

woah bizzare character's really neat

Comick responds:

Thank you! :D

10/10 funny story my mom was told mby palm reader she was gonna have a daughter and a son and daughter would be smart son would be so cool and get away with any thing it was true

Comick responds:

I have actually never been to a fortune teller! I would consider trying it if they didn't charge money...because I don't think it really works haha, but it would be fun to see what they "read".

I would use this carve out! and reminds me of a old pc game ?

Comick responds:

The program is really cool, I had not thought to actually try a real pumpkin though! Maybe when Oct rolls around, I should do a real carving of Skitzo too

wow that looks like a crazy place never seen any scene like this one great work !! 10/10

Comick responds:

Yeah this is in my comic book series called In The Dark. The scene here comes from issue 3, where a demon with a plug for a head feeds on internet junkies haha.

haha this is funny and great detail too this cartoon looks like my type I would love to rewatch

Comick responds:

Glad you like Skitzo! Drawing this one took me forever haha glad the details came out well

Wow nice original idea!!! I have to give 10/10 for greatness love the scene and all

Comick responds:

Thanks! Yeah I had some fun with this piece :)

Oh wow looks really good the detail is amazing!!

pit80 responds:

Thank you ^^

Oh wow Spyro in HD great detail I have a suggestion for you you could make another spyro art of him flying with crash bandicoot running bellow him they came out around same time!

TheIcarusCrisis responds:

Thanks for the feedback and the idea :) Yeah, I was kinda thinking about doing a crossover, but it's good to hear that there would be interest in that!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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