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oh yeah bring on the gore!!! haha love the outfit you put on her the key going through her head is a bit confusing did she get stabbed with the key or is it a hat?

Pepperoni-Ravioli responds:

The character is from Guilty Gear and her name is A.B.A, I just gave her a diff outfit cuz I thought it'd be neat. Glad you like it bro!

I enjoy the eyes !! looks so dark the one on the right and even though the one on the left has a snake tail lol still super cute great work !

Pepperoni-Ravioli responds:

It's not as cute as you boyo, glad you like it!

I love this idea every time I see 1 vs many I have to give a 5 star great work and idea!

Sanoan responds:

Many thanks my friend! :D

This is really great love the detail in the cut on the face great work! but where is the blood coming from near the chest on the armor?

deo101 responds:

She got shot with an arrow and technically I guess shed bleed under the armor, but I wanted to break up some of the shapes in the image with it. And thank you!!!

nice love the colors! what animal is tthis?

TheFoxMaster responds:

I spoke with said friend and this animal is... *drumroll*... an Emmy. They... they don't know what it is either..

Love it But could the background be maybe chamber or out side hiding behind something

Plasma-Demo responds:

Thanks. glad you do.

Yeah I honestly had it as him behind some crates and construction shit at first. Eventually I went with a blank BG which is against my style... Will do a quick edit

Wow please keep doing awesome work!

bocodamondo responds:

im tryn ^^

I love it ! Great idea this is pretty awesome!

IsaYuki responds:

Thank you very much :) I hope you've seen the video as well, I am quite happy with the result :D

this is real adorable and I love the eye style with out the white parts the toon feel to it is great!

somedude3000 responds:

Thank you, I really wanted to do something different with this one and I really like the way it came out.

BEAUTIFUL!!! great work!

somedude3000 responds:

Thanks, I plan on doing more undertale stuff in the future.

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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