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Awe man I voted wrong I did not know those were rain drops I thought they were grass blades sticking from the grounds

SevenSeize4President responds:

Not a big deal!

I think this would be better enough for 5 stars if the secound scene moved position some and some face change

Codename-Duchess responds:

It's just two versions of the same pic. Couldn't choose just one, so have both.

Love it but the blushing is a bit to face consuming for me blushing is cute but its hard to take serous with that much red!

HayleyPetHarley responds:

Thank you for the feedback, a few people mentioned the red faces, so I've toned them down in future games and stuff x3

what is this thing?

Boss responds:

Just a cartoon guy flipping the middle finger i guess. Thanks for the support its appreciated

great body and scene ! <3 <3 <3

Quinnyquin responds:

Thank you for your commentttt >< ~

I think this should be rated T its really not that bad to be a M and super cute! but to make it closer to M you need to detail in camel toe more i believe and unzipper her shirt down more honestly though this feels like T i might be wrong though

Bard-bot responds:

Thanks, but i rate it M just for security meassure.

this is awesome !! love the nice ass on her !

Bard-bot responds:

Poppy is cute!

Love your robot idea! keep up good work!

Bard-bot responds:

Thanks! he's my favorite.

damn ok shots through the tight shirt im always down for something new as long as no one sets us on fireXD

Bard-bot responds:

Haha, but that would made for a really flashy show.

hmm this feels like it would be better as short minimization..

OddyMcStrange responds:

What do you mean by that?

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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