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Hey how about i let you use one of my OC's named Dr.Eli and in return the one main pokemon with vine atk and he has a cabbage on his back well i think that would be cool to have if he had red blazed eyes and a weed plant growing from his cabbage thing on his back and his viens laying on the floor instead of in the air it dont need a back ground and also i would give you a shout out in the description in that photo along with my OC character and i wont mind if you changed colors and name but he really should have a sneaky devious personality he was a scientist / doctor from germany

Sony-Shock responds:

Er... I usually take requests only during my streams, but if you want me to draw your OC, I am open for commissions...

this is really cool i never seen a humanoid furry AI robot !! so some kind of jack rabbit screwed a computer ? Its a great background my favorite part is the reflections from the water thats really awesome!! now the thing im not so crazy about is that sign is that supposed to be alien language or is it part math equation... oh i think i get it but still i cant tell whats under the first line?

Sony-Shock responds:

Well, actually the text says nothing, and it's not meant to! When I was commissioned, I got the feeling the person had a specific story and setting behind the idea, so I did not want to write any specific place name or use any specific language that would localize the scene. So I basically spent a while to make sure it looked like words just enough to work, but without saying anything.

Someone else mentioned it looked like thai language...

hmmm have you ever seen any demons before or witches sony-shock if you would rather answer truthfully in message thats ok but i have a feeling you have infact i think we saw the same thing ..

Sony-Shock responds:

Well, yeah, I've watchd many demons and witches in fiction évê? As a matter of fact, I'm making a mini-artbook with witches designs...

HAHAHA first off i gotta point out this boy named aiden look how hes holding that sword lol is he about to atk or about to take a hardcore cutting log piss?!? haha well i would have to choose garret aka the black guy as my favorite one not just because of demon he holds but the chains made me give it a silent thumbs up ... oh last thing the one on the far right liza ...what... why .. hmm how can i say this.. does she have wings on her ass cheeks and back thighs ?... please tell me what are those white feather like wings under her shorts !!!

Sony-Shock responds:

Naaah, Liza is a regula human as far as I know. The bottom of her shorts are only stylized broken ends. Very similar to the design of the female avatar in Pokemon Black and White, look: https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/6/6f/Black_White_Hilda.png/185px-Black_White_Hilda.png

woah !! cute charecter with a (well to me ) cute power hahaha i wanna know how she uses her blood powers!! can she turn her blood into the blob or something and if so cant she form a full blood side kick that has a very happy motion? either way this is awesome work !!!

Sony-Shock responds:

The idea of the sidekick sounds nice, but I fear it doesn't fit with Hemo character. I envisioned he powers being limited to transforming her own body's 'liquidification' (?). She can melt more or less, but not really shapesifting. She can't even really control the blood beyond moving when she is a puddle, so nothing like a waterbender or similar... She, however, can live inside other people's bloodstreams! She does it with another character of mine.

WOW what a goddess GREAT WORK!!!! <3<3<3

MysticSkillz responds:

Thank you kindly, if you like to hear her talk feel free to give me a follow on https://www.twitch.tv/mysticskillzms

super hot! i love it she looks like a bad girl though not gonna lie ehh guessing its just another pet needing a good master :3

gamelaboratory responds:

Yeah, she's a good pet indeed! :)

woah bizarre .. O.O

Isaac920 responds:

lol thanks

awesome !

AdventVoice responds:

Thank you so much!
What are you going to do for RobotDay2018? I would love to see what others produce for this years competition.

what a cutie! haha good work!

IsaYuki responds:

Thank you very, very much <3

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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