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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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Email adress blocked? Could always sign up with another I guess? Sucks though. Hopefully stuff like that never happens here! Feels like more of a sanctuary for freedom of speech/opinion/all those things.

trust me i tried making 7-8 new accounts already i tried changing age at first then i made a roleplayer account ,then i made a account with my dogs named and using black photos weirdly that one lasted longer i think its still up man my first account i had for like 6-7 years 110 videos and 2879 friends Im glad new grounds wont ever black list me for trying to spread awareness .. i hope X( that first acount also has 25 followers on it and bam all gone just to make "other people safe and my self" white and blue shield all the other accounts i made would work for a random time and around the 14th click on the website i would get blocked out and they would say "for others saftey and your own please send us a photo we can see your full face in " the first 3 times i was blocked oddly it was not photo i had to take a pic of my ID well i did that like an giant idiot! and now there A.I has my face :( and it really hurts when you would think your family ask what happen to you ... they fucken forgot!! family and friends! hell my friends dot even think about it and i was posting a video a day gettig 250 views on per video a day.. i think facebook beat me pretty good "check mate"

Oh man yeah that really sucks. :/ Such a massive amount of friends too! I had my original FB account hacked, and couldn't get it back, or change my email to the right one or something, so I ended up deleting it (looking back I have no idea why I couldn't get it back if I could delete it though). Created another but haven't been active at all since, it's basically just like a contact list for people I know. NG's the one community now. Really respect that they respect your integrity.

I wish i had the option to use FB for contacts

@Cyberdevil Honestly I was hopig some one could send 2 of my cousins here and I can get a good 30 people following base again ... some of them are teens and it will be awkward but more of them are adults

Yeah this place works just as well, just a shame not everybody's here automatically. :)