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This is reay cool love the animation style reminds me of a old adult swim cartoon! This was really awesome keep up the great work dialog was super funny to!

BuddypalBrigade responds:

I think your referring to the show Teletubbies. We actually have the entire series on vhs and manually slow and cut the audio straight from it. Pro tip: if you speed it up fast enough, you'll see the baby's head in the background.

Loved the reason for the fight to start lol. You make really cool charecters keep up the awesome work!

I loved this the fight was really cool and loved how it was a long 10+! Min fight! that was great and charecters were cool cause they looked really new but still almost basic looking. Nice work 10/10!

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Very challanging game would be better with continues and wepon drops over time to get farther. OR being able to jump slightly higher that might help hitting the bats easier with out getting pesants too.?

Nice fun quiz it felt pretty legit I got a B on physical strength and C on mental strength Experience rating D (Lol, I think because I think that zombies can bring corpses back to life IDK about that one?) Emotional rating F (What I was good until someone was being attacked by a group of zombies ALONE. So I would think you should have stayed with the group defending... And would walk off. DANG! My overall rank is Z+ it says "You would be unstoppable it will take a holocaust nuke to stop you!" and more but eyy OK! lol I figured I would make the outbreak work out for me in some way! :3

Very fun game but I think upgrades needs to be a bit stronger cause I was stuck on like stage 10 and never beat the first boss too ..

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Nice tune good lyrics and beat!

Wow what a really creative beat I like it sounds like it could be used for like a resident evil game where you have to run away from something part if you know what im talking about really loved this tune keep up the amazing work!

Quarl responds:

Thank you Redeyes, glad you liked it :D

I bet taking naps in jungle,desert or any adventure spot is pretty amazing? just like this up beat beat ! wow love this fast paced fun tune !

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This is a really awesome idea and the dialog is awesome too looks just like how they would talk.

Love the cartoony art style and also the pose you have her in great body detail too!

lotikmac responds:

thanks bro :D

This is a really awesome looking charecter and the water attack looks like a amazing idea too!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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