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Wsh there was more pistons !

FleppyFlepster responds:

Yeah I didnt even draw 1 piston.

Wow the story was funny and like the idea part 2?

Hahahaah funny stufff ths could be a seris

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Dude this is a really awesome game! It was pretty funny when you start to have to make almost 360 spins just to turn highscore is 151 on first try imma get my friends to play this game too great arcade game you should try making a Dance dance revolution knock of cause the controls in this game 100% smooth keep up the awesome work oh yeah and i love the medals too very colorful one last thing I found funny i was like "ohh i wanna be purple haze" and then i find out he is first person you face and sucks lol i was like well atleast i did not pick him yet lol

UltimoGames responds:

I could add a multiplayer modus with DanceDanceRevolution :D , I want to make this game for steam and consoles you know. Thanks for the fun review RedeyestheSecound

IK IK you said not to blam but i got 6.9 and no medal i beat the game and no medal?.... then the last medal i have no clue how to get i refreshed page and nothing still i play for medals and seance your medals are broken imma have to blam this project would say something nice about it being essay but its lame for not giving medals like promised

ninjamuffin99 responds:

the 6.9 medal is a bit unreliable, I should definitely get to fixing that.

and the "Be PhantomArcade" medal can only be unlocked by PhantomArcade. I havent even gotten it lol. Only PhantomArcade can unlock it.

thanks for the 0 I do appreciate it

this was so fun ounce i finished all the buttons and found out there was no easter eggs i was sad then but please make more button click games like this ! you did great work and the medals are awesome to have!

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this sounds awesome I like the beat and voice style!

I love how this sounds like from something that was recorded in outter space hahah great work bud you should make some more music this is not bad at all 10/10

Artur-Felipe responds:

thank you.

This is really awesome I would suggest remaking song 6th gate from d devils sounds like you could make it more your style

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ughhh this is a bit creepy lol not sure what kind of look you were going for but mixing a monster with a goddess in my mind not the best idea

Spacefur responds:

No offense but if it's not in your taste then just don't look at it, if you want to give real critique to help me improve my skills then I'm all for it but there's no need to insult me.

OK this is new hahah great work on creativity but ... IDK its like the background does not fit i think cause you got a lien walking the streets of the city ? just my opinion keep up the art work though im curiose to what else your mind brings to newgrounds!

JuicyDemon responds:

The commissioner asked for her to be around humans!

great idea for the characters but i think you can do a bit better on face expression details

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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