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OH wow this is really cool nice idea ! and great movie keep up the amazing work !

Loved it I usually dont like stop motions but this is really awesome and smooth animations too nice work 10/10

the funny obsurb part was pretty funny but I think it would look better with drunk aliens in the background trying to stand straight and drink while listening or messing around with smaller tools

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I have no idea how to play this ? avoid the bugs click the bugs ? its way to confusing you should have a page by page tutorial or any thing with instructions on game or in description there might be a "how to play " in the description but you got so much info most people dont wanna read EVERY THING just teach how to play every one does not need to know how EVERY enemy works when they dont know what to do in game ?!?!?!

Mineat responds:

Then, if you don't want to read the description, this game is probably not for you. I thought it would be a dead giveaway that this was a casual "kill all enemies" type of game. I didn't say avoid the bugs nor the gnats completely, as they still have a weakness.

That was .... Really awful ... ONLY ! TIME I was able to pass 16 and when i was at 32 a 60+ block spawned right on me the random generating really did suck your best off keep hitting reset if you dont see a number you can eat its a really broken game ! I reseted like 40 times and died twice and only one time I had the chance to get to 32 block but yeah the random generator mostly generates numbers you cant eat or numbers to low to add a higher number to your block .

kbvpneofit responds:

Fixed. You can check and possibly change the rating.

UGHHHHHHH what a crappy game im sorry b ut damn that game is broken out of all hell! problems I have with it 1) controls - feels like im trending on ice slipping off platforms and the disappearing platforms do NOT help ! 2)music is pretty bad 3) the final level .... there is so much stuff m eased up on the finally blue level its just pure stupid at end the guy shooting will randomly shoot the blocks that dissapear randomly and the top moving platform is not fast enough the platform dissapears before you can jump up there UGHHH I GIVE THIS STEAMING CRAP A 0-10

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GReat start and tune !!!! liked the fast tempo !

Spadezer responds:


Oh wow the style of the sound is really cool great trance music! The quietness is really pleasant like the beat!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much for the review! For a while, this track was a personal favorite of mine, but I recall it didn't get the positive response I was hoping for...until now. ^^

This is a really chill beat nice job on it keep up the great work !

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dang nice pose and outfit you put on her 10/10 cute character too

Awesome idea the outfit is amazing keep up the great work !

ImaginationGone responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it

Nice work but I think it would look better with the original crossed eyes

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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