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RedeyestheSecound's News

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 24th, 2020

So I called out Grammarly for being gloomy to one of my comments and then all today I got no reactions from Grammarly I told it "Do your job and be an A.I. and correct my spelling!" I don't know why I turned so mean but I am starting to see it cause I really honestly love everything about A.I. technology.? I can't understand how I could be so mean to everything and every one I tried to explain it but I can't do any better than that. It is what it is :D!

So I thought this would be fun for all of you on this information if you know what the new app Grammarly is too then please vote am I good or evil?

iu_114604_6870617.jpgiu_114605_6870617.gif(blue eyes)iu_114606_6870617.gif(red eyes)



Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 24th, 2020

Next month on the 9th it will be my birthday for the past week I felt like crap though not showing signs of corona but it's hard to believe they are just allergies if lasting this long and hitting this strong. I have a legit splitting headache that goes from the middle of my forehead to my hairline in front. I have been hungry nonstop I will eat but I will still feel like I'm starving. Today I almost passed out and I am not sure why that happened I tilted my head putting my chin on my palm and tilting my head very slightly next thing I knew I felt something I never felt before I honestly thought that was it. But it did not even last a second it felt like my vision just shifted as if someone picked my house up and turned it on its side for a second. IDK whats going on I don't feel good though. I really wanted to make a video on YT about this but I don't wanna worry subscribers a lot of them are IRL friends and family. I am not telling you guys to make you feel bad for me to trust me you already know I can give a shit if you care about me or not! I am only posting this info here cause I know I can trust you guys are not pussies and won't do anything dumb with this info. My family would make me go to the hospital right away to get checked out and that is what I fear visiting the doctors or coming close in contact with a health care worker, police officer, or any other essential worker that deals with criminals or sick people or the disturbed. I don't wanna get the virus in a stupid way like that by my own fault. Whatever it is it doesn't feel good so just in case I wanna say it was a GG I am happy that my parents put a life insurance policy on me and they will get money in case anything happens to me they deserve it cause it would be better than now like getting nothing from me cause I am stuck in a rut as a hikikomori. I also want a lot of you to know I pushed you away to keep you safe from my internet stalkers and trolls I am honestly a target individual when it comes down to it why? Well, it started off with trolling people online gaming as a kid, then cybersex, when I was a kid with over 70 people from age 11-15 Paltalk, made it easy to get what I wanted and around the time being a kid on Paltalk and a pervy kid like I was it was a playground almost. I had a really fun life, Of course, I had more fun in previous years than the last 4-5 years being an adult really does suck and being like me it sucks too you gain so many friends and then you push them away I probably went through 200 IRL friends and 800 online friends all good one's at first it was my fault for a while when getting rid of my IRL friends I was telling my self "There hate for me is what gives me my power! " IK pretty wicked stuff and no one saw it coming from the nicest person they knew.. EVEN ME I was not ready when I finally got rid of them all I was sad and alone. Then when pushing online friends away that was not my fault that was because I did not want them to get online harassed and stalked like I was. I just want it to be out there that I was always happy with my life even though it felt too long after the age of 13. I enjoyed every moment I got to have. I really don't feel good I just want this to be out there in case anything happens to me OFC I don't wanna go on a bad note but even after this it will feel like I have no choice but to do that to keep people safe from my attackers. Bill Clinton, I probably hurt you the most by slandering you on FB in the past and I want you to know I loved you as a president the only reason why I did that cause those truth-seeking bitches brainwashed me with false info and I am truly sorry I would not want anyone saying what I said about you you deserved better than that though you earned your place in being well respected. Trump being our first politician/celebrity president I am happy I got to see that WOOOO HOLLYWOOD!!! YA I wish I could have worked in the entertainment business I am sure I would have been one entertaining mother fucker. Even TMZ would not be able to keep up with someone like me ahahhaha ahhh IDK does corona cause chest pains and migraines I don't have a dry cough when I cough mucus comes up so I really don't think this is the virus. To all of you who fought with me online thanks you showed my online stalkers and trollers that you were not the one to mess with cause you were on there side. GG every one GG!

Ha damn even now I feel like a asshole my grammerly is saying it's feeling gloomy cause of this my bad spell check cheer up your an A.I act like it emotionless and just do your job.


Funny Daltonism started with 7 rules too how ironic a peaceful relgion haveing the same amount of rules to the steps of happiness. I never knew till now :) Pretty cool. Dreamland honestly I hope I sitill have 15+ followers so I could just goto the heaven I promised for them and my self or the hell I would like to see that and be able to create still I love to create that was the most fun thing I done creating whatever.


Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 23rd, 2020

I never knew a mod could actually help you out and get rid of spam messages so now when those trolls come back to my forums and start argueing with no one and get it shut down wont happen any more... So I guess its time for you guys to find a new troll victim I mean you can still try but good luck.. Cause now I know what to do to! :D I love this site I always have there was time I was angry with mods and users on here yes! But that was before I knew that getting help on this site is easy! For example when you email the support email for this site they get back to in buisness hours with in a good 30 mins some times even quicker! AND Now tonight I found out when your being harrassed by a group of trolls on this site and feel liek you cant get help instead of fighting them ask for help from a mod let them see how unfairly they are treating you and let them take care of it the best way they know how they cant take care of it with out your help though you have to do your part and try your best not to interact with them that are trying to harrasse you! =D



Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 22nd, 2020

If you are some one that knows your not welcomed here any comment you post on my profile will be delted that way I can skip the block button I am still trying to keep the block list cleared cause I dont fear nothing opposite like some people fear every thing... Any ways I am sure you know who you are I wont let you know you will know if your comment gets delted wont be reacted to or replied to just gonna get thrown out.


iu_113919_6870617.jpgiu_113922_6870617.jpgiu_113920_6870617.jpgiu_113923_6870617.gifI would love to see bearnies macs show right now and do a episode on cornoa virus that would be funny as all hell man RIP bearnie!!! AMerica will never be the same with out you shouting at us...




Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 19th, 2020

Heck yeah that is so cool I am glad I am helping to keep the review sections for good coments and pointless comments away for other viewers!


iu_112788_6870617.gifahh nice Kagome :3 from Inuyasha! <3



Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 18th, 2020

I might of said that I would like those stalkers to be up front and just subscribe to me but .. They want the most attention so I think I will have to take that back after thinking about it I am willing to give attention but not when its to pry personal info from me.. So that clown @ExterminateMAPS finally dipped off the site I guess they did not like th efact I had them block and they could not talk to me in private any longer all they were doing was trying to scare me by saying personal info thats all.. I am happy you all choosed to stay out of that I dont want you targeted by these ..FREAKS like I am .. :3 You all did good that actually care about this page. I wonder though did they get there account terminated or ...? Did they delte there account I bet delte there account cause well it was a brand new account made that day to attack me and Thats what hackers do they dont stay in a place to long if that account is exposed like I did to it... :) Back to normal every one for now.. The problem was solved but I would not be surprise if they come back in another year or 5 months to do it all over again thats what they do to me come and go I think there is a 5 email limit per year with gmail so that probably holds them back they are not smart enough to use other email sites... It is what it is!


You will never beat me and you will never be able to become me !! That is a promise cause YOU WILL NEVER KNOW ME !!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 16th, 2020

UGHH these people been stalking me for 2 years and seance I been blocking them non stop and its been harder and harder for them to troll me they started to attack my family they actually spent so many hours just to find my cousin on youtube and she is like idk 12 or 13 maybe 14, But she is being harrassed by this group for the past 2 weeks now I TRIED to tell these people leave my people alone and only harrasse me cause thats what they want they love me so much they want me idk but I DONT WANT THEM TO HARRASSE ANY OF MY FRIENDS<FOLLOWERS, OR FAMILY !!! FUCK THAT HERE THEY ARE HERE IS THE SICK ONLINE STALKERS!!! THE SICK FUCKS!!!

@Dimension672  This is there leader the one who hates me the most go look on his newgrounds profile you will see my name in his post he never removes ... 2 years and seance they cant upset me they decided to attack my followers and family on youtube..

@TheRedEyedPeeper (Is on Newgrounds)---He mah Bro

@TylerThePanda (Is on Newgrounds)---He mah frand

@MrBlitz2017 (Is on Newgrounds, although he simply doesnt like me)

@Famedplague7756 (Is on Newgrounds)

@Fireking777 (Is on Newgrounds)---That's mah loyal buddy

@IsaiahTSE (Is on Newgrounds)

LemonSquidNG (He doesn't have a newgrounds)----Rest In Peace, died May 7th 2019. Suicide


@Thecheckeredcalhoun (is on newgrounds)---A very skilled artist

@Maffei-1 (Is on newgrounds)---another wonderful artist

@Raintheracoon (is on newgrounds)---Earths Being

@sagelighting671 (is on newgrounds)--- A proper furry

@0nef0 (is on newgrounds)---shes not a dwarf, she's an elf

@paladintiger (is on newgrounds)---A badass artist

@Kotsu-Kun (is on Newgrounds)---an amazing artist, great style

@BlueNova11 (is on newgrounds)---A wonderful artist, they do some great traditional artwork also!

@AliGonzheimer (is on newgrounds)---A kind artist with a relaxing style

@LazyMuffin (is on newgrounds)---All around fantastic user, has been here since '03

@CyberneticShotoKan (is on Newgrounds)--- A wonderful person overall. He really brightens my day and cheers me up when things are tough, I highly appreciate it

Please dont rust these kids ... I wish I neever meet Dimension672  honestly the worst piece of shit on this earth. Really all these people need to be taken out in my opnion they fake christianity, they are pedophiles, they group stalk people online and harrasse the shit out of them, they use there numbers to do false reports,.. Do you want to know any thing else about them cause the list just goes on I just dont wanna give these freaks to much attention than they are already getting after this post I plan not to talk about them any more unlike them I dont hold grudges and I dont have time to waste harrassing innocent people online nor would I ever want to do that.



Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 10th, 2020

Well first of warning bans last long time so dont be swearing on there or bullying or even joking around trolling if mod see's you doing that there then they will not think twice to ban you and there is not way of asking them to unban you. But if you go there super friendly and really try to get into the community you will see its a really fun game the game is best for computer though. On the count there is a website showing you all craftable items and you want that up when chilling in your base after done leveling up and ming alot. The building is really fun you can but rooms and expand your room more and more from 5X5 rooms and 100X100 and each level up you can pick a perk at rank 21 you can get or around ther merchant perk so that items on ubit store is 5% off at first then lvl to i think15% off so for a 100X 100 room instead of paying 5000 you can pay 4800 for it or even 4200 with lvl 2 merchant perk and all perks will help you out on what ever you wanna do. The quest for xp just look up how to do on youtube I dont do them I am just waiting to do it when im recorinding at the time. Right now I am lvl 28 or 31 and I only been playing game 100 hours in the past month I was able to get 100X100 cause last week they gave out like 6k cubits with this goldentpiggy present I am trying to build a world would you wanna come join me I can buy us a big room to build in and we can make something to help the universe of our qubee and others that come along or we could make like a special themed room based on what ever content!

(I cant take screen shots of this game for some reason but here is some online.)


Hey thinking about getting this amazing FREE MMO game? That would be cool there is much to do see at top where caht is people can do shout outs to call EVERY ONE to there shop where they will sell things from cubit store but way cheaper or maybe ask for you to come join a battle to win a prize or a game. So its kinda like gambling Or you can be a looner and go mining by your self hoard on material you dig up by puttin ghtme in chest and expanding your base as fast as you can ? BUT if you bring friends you can TRUST then you can buy portals in cubc store to link worlds or link in rooms you bought. There is also bunch of famring you can do with bushes they will respawn fruit rubber tree trunks respawns rubber OR you can goto cubic town center and find farm to buy farming supplies and farm more food like items to be able to use stove to cook meals I think that is mostly for people who have played long and good at selling or wanting to rp there. There is tons of bunch of rare bloxks you can find while mining in the game most the time when you goto a mine that is regulared colored on map means no ones been there yet and should have one block of cave art or fossil or some kind of random block deep in it OR you will most likely find these other rare blocks in certain mines, like diamonds,rubys, and emeralds but those you can only dig up with bombs which you can craft and should not buy with cubits. You can use your cubits how you want but I would suggest "If you can build it dont buy it." Atleast not on cubit store and buy it from other player after they used shout out ? If you want to come help me build there or want me to help you build a home and play send me message to get my cubic castle name!


Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 8th, 2020



I do not deserve this for being harrased by six people constaly !!!

You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 5 days. You have 5 days, 3 hours, 20 minutes and 58 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: I know being cooped up at home is frustrating but you don't need to direct that frustration into making flame bait threads and starting fights.

WHAT! REALLY?! I would love to see that evidence probably just of me defending my self AGAINST LIKE 6 PEOPLE to be honest probably more like 4 but they would not stop this morning all gaining up on me GOTO my post and see for your self...




Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 8th, 2020

I love to see them waste there time mostly but I get trolled so much on this site I really feel like there is a forum out there dedicated to toxic trolls and they have my name on a list with other people that react with a bunch of anger too bad for them I dont react the same way as I ounce did cause I dont wanna look like them! Nope not ever again I mean I might slip but I wont be toxic or a bitch about it .. LOL ANY ways I relaly believe they have a forum out there in the club section where trolls can be kids the thing they love the most you know .. UGHH that sounded horrible but not far from the truth sadly .. So yeah you trolls do what ever you wanna do I wont block you ONLY if blocking would of helped make it immpossible for you trolls to not see my forums then ok I would have like 15 people blocked already. lol That is the truth but it does not help with forums so there is no real reason to block people other than if they are attacking your profile page by the way when they start doing that then I will block them but only then cause thats the only place it comes useful and helpful? Well trolls do your worst I am just happy your taking time to not troll some one else and instead of trolling me cause news flash they are not gonna get what they want out of me the old me .. So Its more funny to see them waste there time in trying and also makes me feel good to know that the fact I have them in conversation it means you innocent people out there have a more likely chance to not deal with them. BUT if they really do have a club forum on here I am sure they split up into groups to attack people on there list!