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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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Jeez, I'm a christian, but seriously, this is over the top.

Yeah I agree but some times things just have to be said by some one or no one will say them dont worry i only meant it as a joke story any ways not trying to offend people

The fuck? I'm sorry but I'd tell her "how about no" and if she tries to be violent, defend myself. If she nurses a few bruises at the end, well, joke's on her.

I profess Christianity myself and think it's about time we all started being mature about it.

dang you would fight with an old lady?.. haha I would suggest trip them and run .. XD

@RedeyestheSecound I have had to fight one and win, when said old lady once made an attempt on my life.

I don't care who it is. If someone hurts me, I WILL defend myself. End of story.

cool :) 2 years after I became a christian in the past I was 12 years old and my cousins and mom and sister ad aunt and I were walking through the city of Chicago with two little kids too! well it was going great then we got on this monorail and before take off as we were slowly moving i seen this old bum legit dirty winter hat that was too big hes standing out side looking me in my eyes and he takes his thumb and rubs it across his neck as if it meant I was gonna die I was shocked im only 12 years old and this is my first time on a monorail well it was kinda last time too.. man that bum was pissed off to the max like he had angerist look on his face as he motioned I was dead luckily I did not have to use the bathroom and having all my family around i was able to forget about it quick.. I guess im saying in the long way I believe you and you really need to have your guard up for alot of the time I mean 2 years ago gangsters were playing the knock out game.. Where you run up behind a stranger and punch them in the temple as hard as you can trying to KO them lol for no reason not to rob just too KO that made me scared to go out in Chicago still I check my back in public every 5-10 mins to feel safer.