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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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Whaaaaat? Are you seriously trying to use black magic? If that's code for "I'm gonna murder everyone" then please don't do it. I don't think it's nice you won't accept people who self-harm but I'm honestly glad 'cause I don't want them being indoctrinated into a cult.

WHAT NO !! ITS NOT A CULT MY RELIGION.. Is to teach people how to live a happy life I asked help from some one who knows black magic yes but that part had NOTHING to do with my religion bud serous I have my commandments written down if any thing its to make people turn there ways from self harming I wanna make sure people can live through life with out taking there own my ex took her own life 5 years ago .. :( Then 1 year later I created my religion and found the best people to talk with !.. Yes I was and still am sad that some one so beautiful had tooken there own life due to no reason I blame pills thats the only thing I can see why cause her family was loaded rich ! And her parents were super supportive she got what ever she want and they would show her love on top of that my religion is so people dont have to see what I did and go through same mess lets be honest I am not being mean if I was then I would not accept race, sexuality, or deformed people but IDC about those things ad when it comes down to it I cant help those people who are self harming they need to help them selfs first I would accept the people who ounce self harmed but FULLY quit k dont worry im not a bad guy yes I DO want revenge for being robbed but im not willing to put my self at risk for that revenge cause I already got 8 followers and only need 7 more people to make my religion real again I am very excited and thankful so much where I dont think I need the revenge any longer what happen has happened I ca not get my stuff back and im ok with it !

@Thegamingtrickster @RedeyestheSecound At least your intentions seem okay. But I disagree that suicidal people have to help themselves, because they usually can't. And I don't get how you'll help people who are suicidal if you don't accept them. Otherwise, you're just helping people who don't need that same help.Sorry to hear about your ex though, that must have been really really tough. Good luck with your endeavor, I suppose.

Hmm well how about this to change your mind it is last bit of advice I can give to a non member .. I used to give my self lashings twice a week across stomach,back, legs and shoulders like many lashing I got scars.. but that was before I created my relgion it has helped me yes.. the reason why I had to disban it 3 years ago with 28 followers to go back to my old lashings ways .. I broke my promise to my self but eventually I realized The more I remember I am in my relgion and rules I HAVE to follow it keeps me from self harming.and back then it helped me for 7 months too ! Before When it was first time My rlgion was created before now .. I can help suicidal people yes but first they would have to realize self harm is wrong then have to give it up like I did too !