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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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I'm really sorry. I didn't know you had so many people die. I hope you can help someone in your own way, even if it's a weird way, if it makes them truly happy, then I hope you succeed.

ehh dont need to be sorry for me here check out this series its really good when you have time its only 24 videos hour to 30 min videos about vr world this episode is how I feel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQtr79YCkXA after 15 mins in this video talking to the moderator

You do not want to exchange your souls for theirs. Hell is a horrible place. The torture is unimaginable. Once your there you want to leave right away. But it's impossible to exchange your soul. It will never be possible. Whoever's in hell will be there for eternity. And eternity is forever. And you don't want to spend forever in the wrong place.

you dont know what I can and cannot handle so its not your place just because your weak does not mean I am too @Zophar I will do anything for the ones I love

@Zophar @RedeyestheSecound I'm not weak. It's just impossible.

if sacrifice was impossible then why would the christian god say its the greatest thing to do?

@Zophar @RedeyestheSecound @RedeyestheSecound God says that you should sacrifice yourself for others. But you can't sacrifice if they're already dead.

how does that make seance lol thats why my relgion will surpass that so called gods one cause atleast if they need to have answers or need to talk to there god im there unlike yours and I dont try to confuse people look the POPE even went far enough to say we should respect all relgions and not judge other relgions?!?! like whattt they always said there could be only one god and then the pope is gonna pull that bullshit yeah my relgion is gonna succeed way more than yours and you know what my relgion respected other relgions 5 YEARS before the pope "copied" me

from what i understood about the bible is that god forgives all his children but i don't believe. i believe that mabey something is there but if it is a god i doubt that. i lost a really important person in my life as well and she believed in god. i never knew her but she was important. i wonder if there is a hell but what could be so horrible that you want to put people or souls into that forever. anyway i wanted to stay away from that thought. even when i was a big believer i believed they would go somewhere else good. mabey have a place of there own. right now i really like the idea of energy :p not like speritual but sciency so to speak. in science it is explained that when you have created energy into something or there is energy the energy can't dissapear. it always goes to something else. i like to think peoples energy goes into something else like mabey a star or a planet, air, animals etc. (i like the star the most) this way the energy goes somewhere else to be usefull and they are always with you or around you somewhere and i don't see my death in the future as meaningless. it makes me feel less scared than just thinking i will dissapear. but that is me. if you think they really went to hell mabey you can make a list of the good and the bad they did and weigh it out to see. thats the only way i can help out anyway that is my view on it ^^ i hope it helped. (this is where i saw my point in a serie and i liked it alot they explain it a bit better: https://youtu.be/BSAklhlEJzs?t=12s )