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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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That is A LOT of medals. How do you manage to get so many medals AND do so many reviews?

Well good question I am not fully sure how hmm I think! Its cause I do things like one or two days in a row I work on getting medals and funny thing is the older games with medals that have action are really hard to get like some really cool games are out there but based on fighting bosses or survival with one life that I feel like are impossibly to get and those games were greated by the guys who made "pico" the colored rainbow knights and even a side scroller tom fulps games so ALOT of my medals are only half way points like I only beat half the game but when ever a game feels beatable I work I gathering all of its medals the reviews I done 20 reviews saying how much I like something which were not really reviews just a comparison or a appreciation of there work but I dont suggest you do that cause then mods get mad for short reviews and start to remove them then threat you with a termination but YEAH I suggest dont try to work on multiply things in one day or you will be side tracked alot and only get minumem done of the things you want so.. What I do is make a plan tday and tomorrow I work on the games and the next days I will work on reviews and then I will take a break for 3 to 4 days relaxing with youtube then I get some weed for three days and work on my art And now here's is the crazy part! this chick tried to spread awareness of how this idea helps by an ad on yutube it was only up one day then they never show it again I dont think the government wants any one to knw this tip but at this point IDC what I share especially on newgrounds I feel safe here to say billclinton and hilaryclinton HAVE and FUND the pedo pizzagate scandal I KNOW cause I made a video trying to expse this n facebook and randomly got my 8 year account terminated also now they wont let me make a facebook no more and that was last year still cant use facebook and so I tested it by uploading that to my 10 year old youtube account well goddamn !! same shit happens I get terminated so bill and hilary I know you guys have your engines to find your names online assassinate me cause I wont be terminated that easy I got lucky to be able to make a new youtube account I am sad I lost over 1548 friends on facebook all the people I added all lived in same state or it was my family out of town or relations to family and if you know kenny hots from kenny vs spenny I was able to talk to him through facebook we were planning a comic book I was gonna make a kenny vs spenny comic because I was so struckt to that actor that show was amazing and thats why you gotta be smart before having fun !