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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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aw woof damn dude, that sounds super rough, hope things work out ok for you

it most likely will weather I want it to or not I am cursed to be apart of something big just not to sure on what I hope it has something to do with Adultswim that show is awesome!.

yeah adult swim is cool as shit, like the Newgrounds of television

very true what is your favorite adult swim show ? Mine is sealab 2021

Oh wow, that sounds very uncomfortable. Just like ninjamuffin99, I hope it works out in the end. Also, I feel like you should really go to the doctor for that.

@Thegamingtrickster Yeah I will eventually first I wanna get my dogs arthritis checked out which will be alot of money its kinda the reason why i started to get into youtube wanted to gain money for medical bills but any ways after I get my dog checked out and fixed then I will go get my self checked there is not alot of pain which is really weird cause last time I had kidney stones it was sooo painfully like my lower back and lower stomach was hurting at the same time but this time! is so different weird yes.. kinda worried yes I am cause I show signs of a kidney stone yet not all of them there is no pain just internally bleeding maybe my body got used to pain by now due to lashings last year and cigg burns I would give my self to keep my self from being sad .. You know that feeling when you eat too much marshmellows and your stomach feels expanded that is only really small pain I deal with so its very bearable lol it might sound crazy but I would rather people be concerned for my 11 year old lab dog her legs are getting really bad she is a funny dog too ! like when you stare at her with out moving she will growl or bark or whine at you to make you want to pet her and she loves to get dirty with the grass rolling around in it and in every dog fight shes got in only got her ears clipped by other dogs like the 3 dogs she fought they always went for her ears and now she has missing small triangles for having tears which makes her look even cooler like a veteran lol