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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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Daltonism (religion)

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It's hard to ignore your anger when you keep bursting at people who don't deserve it. I'd gladly accept you for you if you didn't do thinfs that push accepting (and unaccepting) people away.

Well I would want people accept me unmedicated but that wont ever happen now my dosage just keeps getting higher and higher and now people like you should feel guilty cause it can end up killing me in the long run

Bro your reviews suck

LOl the pills wont make my reviews better Also why you gotta pick on me I did nothing wrong to you i give reviews to show people I apperciate them for creating on newgrounds.com @Fro

"soda addict", "accept me for me" uh huh, keep up the victim complex, maybe somebody will actually feel sorry for you and give you the attention you need

but why not just continue your already giving me alot of attention as what I see eventually I will quit drinking soda and smoking ciggs but till then .. Any ways this is supposed to be a update on me like whats on my mind so for me to talk about this you should know that I am feeling worried so I am not looking for attention I just wanna update on people to what I feel like and these status do show my mood except 3 or 4 about reviews or fun

I don't know you very well but the only thing i can say is if you treat me with respect and just be honest i accept you and anyone. i try to treat everyone with respect and try to lissen to people even if people have problems. the only thing i personally can't stand is if someone lies to me, tries to spread lies about me or if someone gets mad at me for no reason. idk if you do that so i can't say anything about that. i just don't make alot of friends easily so thats my problem :p but i want you to know if you just be nice to me i'll do the same or i already think i am being nice so i guess it makes sence sorry i am rambeling ^^ anyway i accept you. easy as that, but i accept everyone unless they do something i don't like so your good. i read some of your posts and have seen you around and i don't think your to angry or i haven't seen you that way. anyway i hope it gets better soon? i don't know what to say really about it. i hope you feel a bit better with reading this although i think i am kinda scatterd with my thoughts right now but anyway i hope you have a nice day further ^^ sorry for the long comment (some people tend to hate that)

only way I can think to show you I am truth ful is by wishing what I feel like upon to you which I am not willing to do i never want any one else go through what I am it would be to stressful for most and they would not know how to "hit that continue button" check this out though last week I was dealing with lots of tooth pain like a 7 on scale 1-10 for pain and 5 days later my tooth pain went away but i was missing a piece of my tooth in the far back I could tell cause when i scraped my tongue against it it almost felt razor sharp! but I was happy no more tooth pain .. Well next two days I started to get a pain in my cheek I was chewing on my inside cheek by accident so much it put a scar on the inside size of a bibi pellet was missing from the inside of my cheek lol that hurt for 3 days no more tooth pain but now its sharp tooth cutting me like what braces would do .. so yesterday I just found out the tooth is way less sharp now so my cheek should heal there is a 1 out of 1-50 scale of pain now going through my tooth every 25 mins real quick ... Soda is killing me real slowly . I would not lie about that I am just worried cause as by this happen in the middle of passing a kidney stone yeah I have been pissing blood for the past 2 weeks only little bit every time at the end this would be my second kidney stone passing I passed one last year I mean this is what happens when you drink RC soda for 20 years I am 22 years old now I am not a liar or never a liar except back when I was in school I would lie to skip half the day then I would be ditching I missed like 1/3rd of my education even made the school change its rules about how to go home cause I abused the nurse sees puke then you can leave lol they stopped doing that when I was a senior and I found a hallway with a outside door and no camera so I would ditch after wards lol I deserve my precious time I always knew I would have to face these big problems in the future so I deserve it .. Also I needed to be able to branch out online

@NyanaCreation @RedeyestheSecound i am sorry to hear you had and have to go through that. it sounds not fun. the only real physical pain i ever had was a kinda broken arm and self harm but you know the more you do it the less it hurts as well as biting my cheeks open every time what annoyed me alot. on the other hand the mental abuse of others as well as the situations i have been put in have been heavy so for that it goes the same. i don't think alot of people would have survived that and for some stupid reason i am still here but i don't talk about that often. i don't think anoyone deserves it though. even if you made bad descisions people can change and even you. i just hope it will get better for you. you seem like a nice guy and i want to thank you for sharing it with me. i know it can be hard to say it but thanks. i really do hope it gets better for you in the future.

@NyanaCreation Yeah I say you been through most pain than me though cause I never had broken bones I am super glad for that but I have came close to breaking bones I got two scars on my left cheek near my nose there is a giant dog tooth mark from a rotwiller named baby she was a family dog every one said stay away from but I ignored it I loved dogs to much lol and a hole on my knee cap cause one time I was walking from side walk to some ones paking space and it dropped half a inch which made me fall face first and knee first right on top of a rock now it looks like my knee hay a eye ball it is only twice the size of a pellet from a bibi gun it freaked me out cause I had to dig it out right after wards and how it came out was blood pushed it out I never touched it but remember it falling out as soon as I stood up The dog warned me too baby pissed on me while I sat beside her 3 times and I kept changing shorts and after the third time she barked at my face and accidently stabbed me with one of her teeth I still thought she was a good dog after and just wanted to play I did not understand the peeing on my pants though!

@RedeyestheSecound They may help never know! I wasn't really picking on you. I just come across your reviews a lot and saw how quickly your number has shot up, but they're kind of one liner low quality stuff. I'm sure people would appreciate detailed feedback as well.

@Fro Why would you report my comments as usel less I make them so the creators push foward most the time dont hate on me your secretly saying you wanna take down my reviews and you wont be first to do it I already got in trouble for lame reviews 10 of them like 3 months ago when I started and learned all I do is have to talk about the product and if I have a suggestion add in but explain why I like it which I do that I dont wanna be your enemy I dont want war please :( I just want friends from newgrounds caus eI respect the site so much

@RedeyestheSecound there's a reason it's called a review, a review is meant to actually help someone improve and not to just mindlessly give shit you think is good some half assed review along the lines of "WOWOWOOWOW HOLY SHIT THAT'S AMAZIN, G-G-GOOD JOB ON THE... UH... COLORS" nobody's fucking picking on you, it's called honesty and if you want to be a little bitch about it go somewhere else or actually learn how to make a real review. I would have to agree with @Fro on this one

Well I am trying dont hate cause I wnna make friends and stop bullying me or else.. I will go with option W

@Thegamingtrickster @RedeyestheSecound I hope it doesn't come to that. I hope things get better some day.

@Fro @RedeyestheSecound I don't think I've ever marked your reviews as anything. I do mark abusive reviews every day, so perhaps I've come across something that's been rule breaking in the past, but not that I remember.


@Fro @Fro soo I rann

Dude, no one is hating on you. Your reviews are okay, but there are a couple things you could improve. Use full stops at the end of sentences, maybe make the review multiple sentences instead of one long sentence. Just generally try to make the reviews more understandable. You're already giving suggestions so that's good. But you really really need to stop thinking everyone's out to get you.

@RedeyestheSecound go with it, i couldn't care less, nobody's bullying you

@slowjow you always pushed my books on the floor what do you count that?

@RedeyestheSecound what?


@RedeyestheSecound are you actually retarded or something? every time you type something it's hard af to understand what the hell you are trying to say

you know how black people use the n word and its ok and you using the R word is ok too cause you are it..@slowjow walk away or add me your choice

@RedeyestheSecound you are a fucking retard, you mock me then ask me to add you as a friend? go fuck yourself you dimwitted oaf