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dude I know it and it pisses me off does @Tom give any one moderator that does enough reports cause guess what I am pretty damn sure those mods in the forums freaking made fake accounts TO REPORT to get there spot as a mod ! cause thi is BS dude and the funny thing is its like a crack head is writing my bans a ban I got taken off yesterday for being false and I cant even read the ban today cause the first sentence is like this " You were just banned for bumping a thread that was several years old the other day." Oh that 24 hour ban that only lasted 4 hours after I told tom yeah ok sure..

@ninjamuffin99 but you know what the best part is I was going to go on general forum and say "Hey I found a video on youtube that shows a guy hanging a kid any one wanna report it with me ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M2mtVyMB2Q 5:30 in video " if its still up I reported it already and thats how I found out I was banned ... I came on to help people from seeing this creepy disturbing sight in this video but ? I guess Toms mods had diffrent plans ? and they were like "I wanna shove somehting up redeyesthe secounds ass today ohh yeah " I mean sorry im not gay and dont take that kind of shit lol

did they at least warn you about it before they baned you?
i hate when people ban and dont even say something to the person

dude NOT ONLY they did not give me a warning AGAIN but this tiem there was no mods name in the report so I have no clue who wrote the BS report I am guessing its mod named "Big-Boss" she loves to write shit reports she gave me one yesterday for replying to my OWN forum to answer some one saying like "you cant bump up several year old threads blah blah blah with out good reason " WHHAAA I did not reply to a forum that was several years old yesterday it was 5 months old and min AND I HAD TO REPLY TO A USER THAT HAD A QUESTION what they wanted me to ignore some one those mods on forums are such BS ers so around 5 am I got pissed and decided to go on forums THAT ARE several years old but you know what I replied to them in the right way actually putting advice and my input for the discussion opf that thread then BAM I GET THIS BAN TODAY !! so what I believe is WE CANT REPLY TO OLD FORUMS AT ALL !! BUT THERE IS NO RULE THAT SAYS THAT !!! IF ITS SUCH A PROBLEM TOM COULD BE LESS LAZY AND FREAKING DELETE THE OLD FORUMS OR PUT A LOCK ON EVERY FORUM THAT IS AS OLD AS 2007-2010 THEN THOSE MODS WONT BE ABLE TO UGH ITS JUST SOO STUPID YOU GIVE A RETARD SOME POWER AND THEY THINK ALL THE MILK TO DRINK IS THERES AND NO ONE ELSE THATS WHAT THIS SITUATION IS

Dude, the General forum was spammed with locked threads this morning and you were the last user to post in all of them. All of those threads were from like, 2006 and 2007. Do you look at the year a thread was made before you post? Well, actually, do you look at the year that the last post in a thread was made? You can't reply to a user's post from 12 or 13 years ago. It's called necro bumping, which is against the rules.

That's why you got banned. Your posts from those threads are gone now, though. You know that unnecessary posts get deleted, right? You definitely got banned for your posts in those threads, which got deleted later on because they were spam. That's probably why you're so confused.

ok but go look at my replys rules YESTERDAY WAS "you cant post in several year old post with out good reason.. OK so that made no seance I replied to some one who messaged me in my 5 month old forum how is that several years old ?5 months = several years yeah maybe for dogs? lol any ways so today Yea I was posting in old threads but you know what they were not meaning less I was legitimately answering those old forums cause I wanted to see if they were still alive NOW from the ban yesterday I thought It was ok to reply to old several years threads IF it was for good reason like a legit answer WHICH I WAS DOING.. so tell me does that make seance why i got banned now ?YOU THINK YOU KNOW BUT YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE YOUR JUST GOING BY YOUR THOUGHT IDC FOR YOUR OPNION HONESTLY PLEASE DONT GRAFFITI ON MY PROFILES THANKS YOU CAN GO SUCK THE MODS COCK SOEM WHERE ELSE NOW :)

@BetweenTheLines dont put your two cents in with out good proof and you can go suck mods dick some where else not on my profile k ! please reply so I know when to block your stupid ass

Jeez, dude, I was just trying to help.

WHY WOULD I WANT HELP FROM YOU EHHH ? you think your helping by spreading more false info about me ?! oh yeah thanks sooo much "bro " your so helpful "bro" get the fuck off my page god I wanna block your useless ass so bad you dont even create any thing YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE PUTTING IN YOUR TWO CENTS YOUR NOTHING ON THIS SITE I HOPEYOU KNOW THAT! GEUSS WHAT IF YOU SAW I WAS LAST TO POST ON THERE YOU SAW MY POST I FINALLY READ THE REST OF YOUR BULLS HIT CLAIM it was not unessary the user Big-Boss is just on her ... Not even going to go there cause she is most liekly a trap with a ding a ling

@kjfhrwliefhrweij XD one of Toms lil sex robots messaged me saying "if you want your accoutn delted then say so I will refill the request ughh duhhh" lol I was tellign him no I Dont want you to terminate my accoutn I want Tom to do it hes only one i respect and lol after the 4th message he is like "Im askng you for the third time now its yes or no " I told him NO idiot your not tom XD then i blocked his stupid robot self