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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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See RoboFrobo is who I am talking about I have them blocked and there a mod.. they just wanna look cool and try to atemENdate me by liking my status showing me "I cant hide my post" I am not trying to hide my post I am trying to keep you off them IDC if you see them or not just stay the fuck off them and moderators STAY THE FUCK AWAY I KNOW HOW YOU ALL WORK NOW AND I WANT NO PART OF THE BULL SHIT K idc if you see what i post ok just DONT FUCKING COMMENT ON IT DONT MESSAGE ME LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE I GET IT YOUR A MOD WHO LIKES TO PRETEND THERE A SEX BOT FOR TOM OK WHAT EVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT I DONE SOME CRAZY ROLEPLAYS IN THE PAST BUT I WAS NEVER THE SUBMISSIVE ONE HEY YOU BOTS WANNA DO A FUN ROLEPLAY THEN MESSAGE ME ILL USE UP YOUR WHOLE FUCKING BATTERY AHHAH ;) ;)

id fuk robofro or robosevenseize or really any of the mods tbh they all hot af

dammit you brought Big-Boss back dude the fuckkkkkk ehhh I was just saying that meaning I would use them as a hole not because i would want to lol

aint no shame in that bro we all horny for the mods

ehh I dont need to be horny to fuck and seance robots dont feel pain it would not be fun for me to do so you can have all the robots ills tick with the real vagina lol

one man's junk is another man's hunk. next time bigboss or robofro drop by tell them to hmu

GOD i REALLY HOPE THEY DONT..just message them dont be calling those looser to my profile your gonna stink it up and already got a whistle i dont clean but blow in pussies sooo fish is a hard enough smell to deal with but rusty fish oh hell no