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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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Don't have your YouTube channel under your personal info on the site. Everyone can look at your YouTube channel and see videos that pertain to your personal life. That's your own fault, so stop blaming the mods for everything, dude.

wait are you admitting there is mods that are hackers and trolls that get peoples personal info?...Wow you made my point way to easy to prove buddy thanks ! Now sit the fuck down and listen up this time k .

dude .. you really think im scared .. do you not see my post?... are you not reading them and talking with your ass..I get hacked on a daily basis every time my computer goes idle after 20 mins BAM i gotta reset my pc cause of frozen issues ..I get the blue screen of death some times even though i dont download shit BAM i gotta reboot my computer... I never am fully gone though so it does not bother me hell one time ! on youtube some random invited me to a chat group and i msged it saying "why did you invite me here?..." and of course BAM my computer shuts off in the weirdest way like an old tv welp i turned it back on and went back in the chat group and first thing i saw was some one replied right after while my computer was off for like 2 mins saying "oh no not ThenewCreator he always is saying how some one is hacking him !" I dont know the guy who said that there user name was "CaustionFoxAhead" and i never talked to them and i never do that lol i dont complain about being hacked cause it wont bother me ! it never does ! but I said "ok .. yeah he shut my pc down i dont complain about being hacked and imma leave to get away from hat hacker cautionfoxahead" then left the group I wanted to block that guy but his name had weird symbols at the begging and last of it so i could not type it in !

so you think i give a shit?...I am 23 years old and had been on pcs seance i was freaking 11 ! that is 12 years of pc experience i dotn care thats why i have the balls to say what i wanna say

I know dude! the mods fucking suck
What are all these rules about anyway? we should just be able to do what we want!

yeah right! and on top of it there not even following the rules i tried blocking the mods so they would leave me alone and stop trying to make me look like the bad guy but guess what you block a mod does not matter they can still message and comment on your shit so wth and on top of it they do the most bogus flags like it kinda follows the rules but in reality nah they just found a little loop hole and like have certain words to be able to ban you with