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....on my childhood was when i throwed my toys out on the window i also wanted to suicide myself for my bad reason but it was tough to decide i only wanted to show my family that i will suicide but they told me that if i will suicide i will go to hell and never return to heaven even if god will forgiving me, no underground escapes just infinity run, so my suicide thoughts were gone on childhood.

Had a couple friends who went this way. They didn't leave notes though. Real unexpected. Life just pushed them too much, and they gave up... and that was that. No warning.

They always come to mind when anyone else mentions suicide, so I take it pretty seriously. It may seem stupid, but if circumstances ever push you to that brink I don't think it's that far off a thought for anyone. Along with Chester Bennington, Robin Williams, Chris Cornell... all those guys I held as real inspirations, it's nothing to laugh at IMO. But then again maybe that's what you really need to do to get out of a dark place if you're in one! Can't take life too seriously. But not by dishonoring the dead; ridiculing those who just couldn't take that breaking point.

suicide is not a fucking laughing matter anthony
i had friends who amost did comit suicied
that was just fucked up for saying suicide is funny.
just fucked up tisk tisk tsk
and "nikey" is nike

sorry I was just trying to make people rage .. @wowwhatafup

You sound like a sociopath. Stop huffing the glue and develop your empathy. Also you are the only person who did a positive react to that post. You are usually the only person who favorites your own work. You are nothing but a troll. I'm so sorry you were not blessed with any talent or goodness. What a pathetic existence.

I was blessed with making you wanna comment though ;) @spisko

@wowwhatafup @RedeyestheSecound oh ok you couldve at least said that in the post but o k

said what in a post? @wowwhatafup

'WASTE OF CUM" I love that, thats the the funniest shit i've heard xD