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do you have microsoft account? because if you dont have account, you should create one: https://account.microsoft.com/account?lang=en-us

microsoft account related with onedrive, your videos will be saved on onedrive for downloading on computer, for uploading on youtube and to just keeping videos on computer after downloading too:

sorry that i didnt shared this before but i didnt know this method before either...it was just 1 month ago that i tried for myself with xbox one...i thought that thing will not happen again this time, but i guess i just needed to throw a lifesaver for you, anyway i hope this solution will help next time.

nah i dont wanan use up space on my computer thats why i never save them in the first place they should make google chrome email save the videos seance that is main thing linked to youtube account you know and they do save pics so they should save videos too

oh shit

well i got my account back no worries i just had to wait 3 hours or 4 or 5 cause youtube saw the Dad channel was the one who mass flagged my channel like i had broken all violations they were trying to say lol when i told youtube support and they looked it over they were like ok that is BS we got you and they assured me if it happens again they will take care of those accounts for false flagging or investigate the channel to cause it which is Dad on youtube

@misha98 one drive stores a lot of things its kinda a big mess tbh i used to have one drive

well, im looking forward to getting scared bc i love gettiing scared the shit out of :)

@misha98 but thanks for the advice sorry i wont do it honestly at this point alot of my creations get destroyed so im not to concerned im at the point where idc any more ill just keep uploading till i die they might can take some of it down but will never take it all down OH YEAH I GOT MY YOUTUBE BACK

ok....well if you dont care anymore about saving videos then this is what you will do original thing instead...but if you care than you can use any methods you want....you dont have to trash drive space on computer if you dont want to, you can just save videos on onedrive...it really helped me on xbox one..... and yeah for new users onedrive will have 5 GB for free, others you will have to pay more for big storage spaces....but again if you dont care at all than do original thing on youtube, i just wanted to help since you did losted all to get this dissapointed, anyway this is good that you got youtube account back.

....actually it make sense for me now that you are uploading many videos...so yeah this methods will no longer be helpful...just when you will keep uploading videos for yourself....yeah i have same issue with only saving free xbox games on big storages....probably its impossible to keep all things safe forever...true, sorry i just wanted try to help to suggest.