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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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Daltonism (religion)

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Are you ok man 《:(

@massivemarioluigi700 I wish I can tell you yes... But what I ca tell you is you dont need to worry about me god keeps me alive I came close to death so many times and to scared to take my own life I am going to be around for a long time :) and eventually I will find out what I really need to do like my purpose in life I think its making others happy for staying alive and showing them no matter what I go through I come out stronger every time and more wise ..Soo dont frown there is no need to frown or worry *smiles wide* I got big plans in the future even though I am not fully sure what they are yet ? but I am very thankful for your concern one day I will be able to pay you back for it like every one else !
(sorry for the late reply I was out watching the new movie "good boys" oof that is one hella of a great movie funny sad and suspenseful also gives me memories of my past childhood)

@massivemarioluigi700 @RedeyestheSecound im really glad your ok tho, for a second i though your life was in shambles.

Good looking out though glad to see goood people are still around like your self how was your week rather hear about your last week mine was pretty rough being in "chicago behavioral hospital" psycward I guess my life was close to being shattered my mind is a bit damaged with feelings and trust after that so I am trying to forget it but the patients there became my friends well more like family it depends how you let that place help you and now im sad cause it was 805$ a day to stay there and stayed 8-9 days so bill was 7325$ but my insurance covered some @massivemarioluigi700

@RedeyestheSecound dang glad your insurance kept you covered because man health in America sucks ass. But my week was fine, last week was my first few days of school, pretty ok, alot of old friends I saw that I never got to talk to but a few of em, me and my ex are talking like good buddies. And it was pretty chill, the only thing is the bus system and whatever happens in the future. Since I'm a junior I have to be worrying about college but uh yeah :) things are good also last week, was the Nintendo direct, sans in smash, banjo, Terry from fatal fury. Last week was a pretty chill week.