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Some of there youtube channels these channels have been stalking me for the past 2 years and now is harassing a little girl who wants to make entertainment like Amanda Bynes Is it right for them to online stalk this little girl? HEL NO come get me again leave the kids alone come stalk me I KNOW IM 23 and probably too old for your guys taste but it's me you fuckers want!!

-SYNNSANITY TELEVISON- (the leader of them)
Swag Mimic (hardcore follower of him)
Leonartist (another follower of them)
Exterminate MAPs (creep follower of them)

I already let my lil cuz know about there YT accounts so she will be forsure blocking them with in the next couple hours... but .. IDK if this is all of them I wanna say "NO THERES MORE.." But now thinking about it .. LOL I think I was looking at a bunch of alt accounts ... there is really only 4-5 of these people they know each other IRL but it's just them... and will always be only them cause who would wanna be friends with the weirdos? Last time I checked people in my school and I never were friends with the weirdos in high school and now they're homeless well if they were nicer to others instead of being easy targets than they would have more friends and be more liked. But you cant stop the prediction in this case. Its mostly why I just ignore them instead of trying to fight with them cause there future is really sad and pathetic... I wish they would just forget about me cause YOU ALL KNOW when there parents stop helping them they are gonna think "its our fault there homeless Or why no one likes them." When they did it to them selfs cause they did not wanna make a change ..

This poor girl is gonna be harassed constantly by this guy now @ExterminateMAPS cause he thinks it's me pretending it to be my alter ego when you all know I got ONE CHANNEL and you ALL know my editing skills are not that good to do CGI I can't even make CGI art how the hell am I gonna make CGI video I can't even make an edit in a video unless I do it frame by frame drawing it in so your gonna tell me I am this girl who is making pro like CGI videos ?... OK STOP HARASSING HER LEAVE HER ALONE SHE JUSTS WANTS TO BE a special effects artist for TV LEAVE HER ALONE PLEASE ITS NOT ME FUCKING MORON! LOOK AT MY FUCKING ART ON MY PROFILE DO YOU THINK I MAKE CGI YOU DUMB TWIT WANNA BE FBI AGENT YEAH THIS WEIRDO SENT ME A MESSAGE ON NEW GROUNDS SAYING I WAS BEING watched BY $CHAN AND *RU WHEN I NEVER GO ON THAT AND ALSO CLAIMS"it's not stalking when you put all your stuff out there." When I never did he says the town that is right next to mine so I can't report him to the police and also I never ever EVER said my real location in public posting anywhere." Yet as they say "I put it all out there.." Yeah ok... LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE YOU FUCKING PEDOS GOD I HATE YOU KEYBOARD WARRIORS SO MUCH I SWEAR IM CALLING YOU ALL OUT YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE THEN COME THE FUCK ON ALREADY I NEED SOME FUN IN MY LIFE AND SEEING RED AND BLUE WOULD DO JUST THAT !!!

I have never even talked to you