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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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Daltonism (religion)

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Keep it up, you'll get to Deity Whistle eventually. Flagging reviews is how I got there.

Yup been writing flags on short comments and high rating or low cause of no review and just comment and I even found some hate comments today that are fun to report the low rating with a hate comment. I am just glad people won't see it's me reporting them and mod bot instead.. :3 Oh yeah while we're on the topic of hate someone actually hacked my Newgrounds last night and changed the email and password but the support email helped out a lot.

@Seth Pretty sure it was static lol I can feel there hate they say its cause I called them a pedophile like last year but I don't recall that! Honestly I remember arguing with him on his post and he said I was spamming his post on his profile which was a lie cause spamming means sending message after message with no reply yet he was having an argument with me poor kid does not know any better on how the world works. Lol, the funny thing is last night before the account was hacked I apologized for calling him a pedophile on his forum even though I have no memory of doing it honestly IDC how this no nuts kid thinks about me but if I could have said something to let them wake up with less hate for me why not try right? Well after I did that he and his butt buddy came at me extra hard still it was pretty funny and made no seance yet it was entertaining I never seen a keyboard warrior get as mad as he does it cracks me up lol it's like IDK watching an old person get mad at a young person cause of generation yet I am the older person there account says 19 which makes seance on why there so immature... But I am not that older I am just 23 yet I know better than that nonsense. I am pretty sure at this point there turning into a stalker of mine and probably will end upstart to watch my profile with others from afar lol I should stop gaining these online stalkers one of these days one is gonna show up in person and its gonna make me laugh my self to death! So Static .. You can keep me blocked and keep trying to spread lies about me slandering you k just leave everyone else here alone it's me you want ;). Sorry, Seth that is how sure I feel that they became an online stalker to I want them to read that and to know I know.

@Seth You should stay off my page I will be honest with you I don't trust you and want to block you so you can't get on my profile comments anymore... You are super sketchy and I don't like sketchy untrustable people so get lost... Go back to your butt buddies static and billy... You rat... Before I lay a trap...

You know what? Go ahead and block me. It's always nonsensical drama with you anyway. You should also seek professional help. You got some weird shit going on with you.

@Seth coming from a troller in a kiddie trolling group... I will just decide you're showing your true colors honestly dirty spy hey at least your not helping people younger than 18 I am sure your friend static does though... In my opinion now get lost troll BE GONE back under your bridge and off my pages your making it smell like trolly bum up in here!

@Seth Hmm it's funny how you say I am the one who needs help yet your the one wasting your time online with strangers to troll people... This is the way I see it k. Static is Hitler and you are one of his nazi's...