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bad news...for me..

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - May 23rd, 2018

Soo whats happening is that I was born with a disease called small petila disease yes i know i kow its a funny name I KNOW but its where your elbows and kness and some other bones im to scared to look into to but  yeah oh yeah and thumb nails are oly half sized this is me people.. Dalton but it gets worst and worst by year my knees will pop more whe i try turning my arms grow sore andd ... y chest gets tight it feels like my heart is in the middle of my chest close to the front bottom of my rib cage sooo eventually i will have to get TOS of surgeery FEMALES please dont put your future kids from what i go through you can prevent this by NOT eating ANY squrils like wild animal suirls but if you already ate one theres a 60% chance your kids will be born like me ad theres no way to get the disease out fter consumed you just live with it MALEs idk if you can call this lucky i would not still but males are able to eat squirls with out any out come thats just how the small petalia disease works sooo my body is killing me ! im not giving up though i told to many people "IM not a quitter " and im not gonna do the surgerys for another 15 years cause the tech . they got now to replace bones are no good infact the pain will still be there so theres no point unless i wanna be put on pain killers 800-1000 mg


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sorry to hear that man.. had no clue this was even a thing... i will be sure to spread the word around now that i know it... i don't know what else to tell ya other then good luck man!

Thats all i wanted honestly to warn people about the dangers of eating squirls its honestly a big thing in kentucky not as big as it used to be but still squirl soup is being made in america i just want it to stop growing up i had to tell people why my thumb nails looked weird well i made up a story for each person i had 25 stories all diffrent my favorite one was my cousin smashed my thumbs in a door wedge lol .. any ways also with these bad knees if i run half a mile i can do it really fast but after running half a mile if i run any more my knees will be popping for a month or two as a KID that is why i really hope it stops there is only 500 to 1000 people with my disease cause its rare but it is possible and very easy to get imagine if people protest against cloned animals well then we will be left to eating squirls and birds i hope they keep cloning on the down low forever honestly lol for that one simple theory