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UGHH people make me sick!

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - May 29th, 2018

So why is it most of my reviews if it was a review on a bad game and i told how i felt about the game if it was boring or i just played for the achievements cause it was lame and no fun people get all butt hurt and decide to reply to the review with a smart ass remark should i just not review stuff i dont like then ? just leave it alone I mean that is a option i was just trying to be nice by reviewing the bad stuff i would not give free stars like there little butt buddies but damn! atleast you got half a star or 2 better than 0 i thought? i guess im wrong ill leave it alone if i dont like it cause im done wasting review time on peeople who wont apperciate it ! i think you all should do same 

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I'm not shy about leaving low scores and negative reviews if something is bad. I mean, if you don't do that, how are they ever gonna improve?

well to that that is a good point not gonna lie i totally get it but naw i dont want them to progress rather have a bunch of medium rated stuff instead of a few high rated then tons of garbage i dont wanna see NG turn into a garbage pile i dont believe it can happen but im not gonna take the chance if i play or see something that makes me feel like id rather go smell and look at dog sshit dry then imma just forget about the review not even going to rate

Mostly I get those when there's a cult following or when the poster is in a spammer crew, but keep in mind it could take years to make a decent game.
Waaay longer than an animation. So try to be lighter on the developers.

-wakes up after reading your comment- oh ?.. great game you say? hmm so thats not the problem for me the problem is a bad story mode cause its "plain" or bad programming and causes lag from no where im not in a cult i have created a religion but its all about peace and to stop people from self harming! so no i dont do that weird shit dont see the point and im not a puppet if any thing im a god baby

i have looked trough your revieuws (so i knew what i am talking about) what i saw is that your atleast honest and that is very inportant. one magor thing in a bad review is though that you include why it was boring or why is was bad and how you think they can inprove that. most creators really appreaciate that because in the next game they can think of your advice. i am not sure how others react on your reviews but what does it matter to them? your allowed to make your opinion clear and it's not for them but for the creators. i don't think you should stop reviewing though. it's inportant on NG that you say how it is even though it may be tough but don't forget the why you think that part. it's inportant people know the truth and don't get sugar coated because they are a nice person, people need honest reviews with advice and an selution as well as mabey a bit of help. but don't stop reviewing because people don't like your opinion. everyone is intiteld to an opinion and if yours is that the creation is bad than it is that way. just as i will say again don't forget the why you think that part and some advice but just continue reviewing people need an honest opinion from you and from everyone else. ^^
anyway good luck.

nyana you make a great point! see the thing is with my bad reviews i just feel as if to me there is nothing to improve the game or i dont want to try to help improve the game cause my bad reviews are because 1) rules or how to play is crappy 2) THE LAG caus eof too much crap 3) boring story to it so if you look at those three things how or why would i want to help to improve that you know? im not gonna quit reviewing but i am quiting reviewing for bad stuff that falls in those three things i listed cause im really sick and pissed for wasting my time to spare a star or half a star i mean atleast they get that but they dont look at it like that when they should cause rates are based on a point system more stars the better or more reviews