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Hey i thought about it

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - May 30th, 2018

well fine fine your all right choosing to not review bad items is a stupid idea maybe im not saying it word for word from you all that were concerned but yea and also if your one of those reading this here is my critique on you guys for the help saving my bad reviews on your effort to help i give you a 2/5 not to be a douche or any thing but because the first one that came at me writes a paragraph and a half like in my pissed off mood makeing me read that much was tortures im surprise i did not have a brain enersim i mean it was really thought ful but still if i could i would literally shut your lips half way and go .. ok ok i get you great work on making your point and i see you wrote alot of reviews your self good work on treating me like i need to be reviewed honestly yes i need to be valuated on june 25 by a therapist so if you were secretly predicting something you done it now right after that this other person just like saying people cant become better without my critisim in my head i said "why the hell am i special " i dont want to be the one putting my thumb up or down lol well any ways i was like yeah why should i be concerned on others and last one said about same thing but with a insulting tone how can i tell the insulting tone throught text? well the words lol but in overall I would rate the help you guys offer a full 5 stars great work you succeded in keeping me with my hate reviews and now if people make shit i let them know i aim to crush spirits ... but dont worry im sure lots of you have great stuff to share i will love ;) but for those who dont .. just dont ok no ..


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start practicing buddhist meditation

i dont need to my meditation skills are high already though then what?