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Today im aiming for 1000 total reviews!

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 19th, 2018

wish me luck on not having to deal with M bot any more some times he removes my reviews when I say the art work is really good or try to explain what the art reminds me of so im a bit scared of that little bot .. lol but I think hes cool at the same time too keeping people safe from high voteing abusers and giving every one a fair chance!

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Nvm I cant do it .. lol

lmao XD Tomorrow maybe? What kind of reviews are you writing that get deleted though? Might be able to give some pointers.

dude it was from one account I reviewed all there art work cause some times Ill click the pics in "what you might also like" from same artist and this one guy reported all my reviews I am sure only 2 of them were like audio files that I said something like "in my opinion I cant handle high pitch noises through out whole song this is making my brain hurt" ok a bit hatred and just letting them know some people high loud pitch noises just hurts are ears then another audio I said like "my tendidnidous is killing me again thanks.." and so he or she got mad and reported those reviews the after that they reported all the other 8 on there profile when im giving advice on what should be back ground in one XD and I loved there art so much I went back to all the art ones and re wrote them instead of giving advice or saying I like this cuase it reminds me of so an so I just wrote on them "wow cool!" hey that looks great.. good job! there art was not bad but the audio was killing my ears honest so isnt that weird though its like the NG bot will remove any review that the owner wants for not real good cause ? I have no problem with M bot cause I love the thing it reminds me of little robot in a cartooon called sealab 2021 when captain was traped under a soda machine being natured by a scorpion the mini robot that has same face as M bot comes by and sweeps up teeth of captain cause the sodas are shooting out in his jaw and then the scorpion was poisoning him to keep him high lol well then the robot smashed a scorpion while wearing a necklace of captains teeth and that made captain go hulk mode due to the scorpion using his pee hole to lay her eggs and they just hatched righ after the mother was smashed and I did not get to see what happened to robot but im sure captain turned him into a helmet ! lol

Well I can understand the 'my tendidnidous is killing me again thanks.. thanks' but the others...that's pretty odd! Maybe the mod saw it as spam, if they were all short and posted within a short period of time? You could always reach out to them for an answer if you want: https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/help-information/site-moderation

...it's M-Bot that sends out the messages regarding removal, but the moderation's all manual. If a user reports something it'll appear in the mod list, and they at least SHOULD give it a fair assessment before removing. As for writing reviews: I know there's a lot of really short ones, but if you start writing larger amounts the pressure amounts on quality too, or it could be considered spamming your way to higher stats more than words of encouragement. Always good to fit in something constructive if you can, along the other encouragement (if they're not encouraging you'll definitely want to add in something constructive to redeem the negativity. ;)

Oh man what a random reference. XD Wonder if that might be where Mindchamber fetched inspiration for it hmm... or whomever it was that came up with that design...

oh yeah one time I saw a rated T art that had a full naked chick so in the review I was like shouldnt this be rated A for adult?.. and the creator replied 2 hours later "oh thats weird now it is .." as if they did not have to change is but mods saw review some how

Yeah they're all over the place. :) Maybe they're monitoring your reviews! Could've seen the submission directly too, of course. And users can report incorrect ratings as well (it's one of the icons beside the submission title on the submission page).

Yeah I barley do the helpful or non helpful I leave that for the creator to decide Honest I oly did that twice and both were helpful for being an amazing kind comment or something funny lol