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I hate being a jerk ..

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 22nd, 2018

I was too mean.. Im gonna pay for it all one day my anger problems .. And I accept that untill then I gotta sit back and regret regret and regret ..


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Don't regret. You have to move on, man. Everyone has something they regret but you have to move on. Also, who were you a jerk to? If you don't want to answer that's fine.

Every one had to deal with my demon ounce or twice or sometimes even 10 times .. family, friends and strangers the anger problems I got makes me lash out at any one BUT I have a scar on my cheek cause a dog sunk his tooth into me ive been bitten down the nose twice yet I never ever was mean to a animal infarct I trust dogs more than i trust humans

don't regret anything bro we all have that friend with anger problems ^^

You remind me of my older sister .. Untill she showed me she would not be there for me when I needed her most.. I was having cabin fever problems at home and I really REALLY wanted the sweet release of death last year I called her and asked if I could stay with her for a couple days to cure my cabin fever and our mom was making it worst for me.. She never helped I had to help myself .. Regret is something we all have to live with even for the ones who say "drop it" "let it go " "dont regret anything..." all have regrets I am sure if people looked through there subconscious thoughts more than they would not be saying those things instead ..I dont know any ways if I do choose to not regret I will become worst next time .. Ehh either way I am getting worst by the year hopefully this physicist knows what to do I am giving in and finally seeking help on the 27th

the only thing i can say is that if you hate something about yourself and you can change it try it. mabey it takes alot of work but eventually i am sure you can change it. if you hate the regret you need to change. i did it to and i got alot more out of it. i am sure you can do it.

Umm I really wish it was that easy I can snap my fingers and have a totally new personality Anger problems is a mental disabilty for me honest my whole 22 years of life I dealt with it so im saying its not like you can go up to a autistic kid and say "oh you can work on it and fix it" cause they cant nor can I I only can warn people cause literally my anger problems are just like turrets it just comes out

@NyanaCreation @RedeyestheSecound i am sorry but then you misunderstood me. i never said it was easy. i have mental illness and i know way to well how hard it is to change that, but the first step is to say to yourself that you will try to change. it is a mental attitude you first need to change and atleast try to change it. i don't personally have anger issues and never had but i have heard from friends that they have worked on them and they got better atleast little by little and learned how to controle it. (also i don't like that you use an autistic kid as an example. alot of issues they have they can work on. that is why there are people for them so they can learn and see there behavor and to learn how to work on it and improve in any way.as well as see how it can impact others.) anyway that is besides the point. mabey you can go to a therapist and talk about it and you can learn how to control it better. mabey it isn't fixed then but it does less damage and you have control. (also i never said you had to fix it, i said you can change. and that means any behavor or how you can control it. just to be clear. also i am trying to help out so i am sorry if i am very straight to the point. i don't like sugar coating stuff)

oh ok thanks for looking out @NyanaCreation