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Posted by RedeyestheSecound - July 20th, 2018

theres real spammers on this site I found doing really small pixel art they probably make 50 and post 1 pixel art a day thats a spammer me? though really you think I am spamming HA if I wanted to spam I would be posting only designs and I barley post my designs so yeah newgrounds your mods are harrasing me and random ass holes are as well so if your not a bot or tom then fuck off and eat a bag of dicks that will make you happier NOT HARRASING ME THOUGH WONT GET YOU NO WHERE how is it even possibly for a mod to post a bad review ?!?! wtf you need to clear up the trolls from your mod team Tom

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Someone telling you your work isn't good doesn't mean they're trolls. They're not bad reviews either. From what I can tell, they told you you should try to improve and then post more stuff. Also, real spammers do really small pixel art? Can you please send me an example? You don't have to do it here, I don't want you to get in trouble for calling other people spammers.

no if you check out my snap chat art of the logo how I made it possessed version they tell me to post less yes they did tell me to improve but they did not say how I can improve here is a message from the mod that made the what I call "bad review" I was going to put this all in the review, but I decided to PM you with the full text:
If you want to submit shitty work, then you have to deal with reviews that are appropriate to what you submit. If you submit something that you tried on, and put some effort into, then maybe you might have a complaining leg to stand on, but not if you put no effort into your submissions.
If you think that was an attack, you need some backbone, son. A tip that I heard of was that when you get a critique you don't agree with, then as you read it, imagine Morgan Freeman is saying it. You might want to try that. There were no insults, or FU's, or CAPS YELLING, so I didn't take that as an angry review, so I asked cobra1 about if that was an angry review or a OMG please stop review, and he said it was an appeal to get you to stop til you improve.
As for your art, it IS in need of improvement, and yes, you probably shouldn't submit every doodle and practice you do. Keep practicing and you should improve.
- - - -
That was the full review. I didn't want to include the part about cobra1 to be visible to the public, tho.
The fact of the matter is that you've been spamming out low quality submissions at a frequent rate. Spammers do that, and if you don't mean to be a spammer, then you might want to reconsider your behavior, because that's what you appear to be to the Newgrounds users.
I don't expect you to become a Picasso or Rembrandt overnight. It takes time to learn and improve. Keep trying and you'll get somewhere, bit by bit. But also, just try to view things from your viewer's perspective, too, and you'll see that you appear to be a spammer. We like this site, and spammers take their toll, and thus, are not appreciated.
If you have any questions, lemme know. :)
Newgrounds Moderation Team

yeah I just gotta find there user name again incase I cant find the real spammer posting pixel art 1 a day it was like last month I seen it and I was drunk oh I have some of them faved but they made the title "day 1" and so on till "Day 100" all small medal sized art pixelated

@Thegamingtrickster JinnDEvil go check out there art in 2016 you will see what real spam looks like and try to compare it to my art and please tell me why does this person dont get a bad review from mods or called spammer when I do

@RedeyestheSecound They submitted a lot of art, but their art looks quite good. If it pleases people, then they're not gonna complain it's spam, because spam is something you don't like.

JinnDEvil makes decent art and actually knows how to take critcism you mongling shlub

@slowjow who do you think you are you ball guggling super c word?

@slowjow @RedeyestheSecound lmfao

well let me just take my brain out so we can have a even match here ! damn laugh at that! @slowjow

@RedeyestheSecound lol