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gonna take a mental break

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - August 3rd, 2018

hey guys dalton aka redeyesthesecound here and I am ot doing so well like dealing with anger problems and mental break downs and stuff like that so untill my doctors get me on a schedual for my medicine by the way they give me some pills that get me high AF munchies and all I take at night but the dumb cunts did not think of making a refill to make sure its working so now .. oh yeah its like zoloft not zoloft though cause my body reacts really weird to that stuff like i freeze early to death good thing I did not take it during winter time lol but the new stuff they did not let me get refills to make sure it did not have same effect .. and now I have to wait to see the therapist again in 2 weeks ! and when I do get the pills again they wont work for my anger till after 2 weeks of taking them ughh this time though im telling them I need something for day time and night time so I can focus on creating more also you can go check out my youtube channel at "ultimate creator" and see me post a video or 2 every 2 to 3 days and watch me go through this stupid bs! :) enjoy ! but yeah so you probably wont see me on forums as much cause of this and my art is deffinatley gonna slow down cause I can only do designs when im dealing with this shit most the time cant do much of any thing except wish for death to come sooner so yeah ounce agai go check me out on youtube I can give shout outs to people with low sub count or high screw it hahah

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I hope you get what you need, namely the medicine. Don't wish for death to come sooner, that's not a positive way to think.

trust me if you had my body and pain you would wish for death alot sooner too ! got small petialia disease it effects my knees my elbows and thumb nails also I have a cracked right leg from playing basketball 3 years ago and no one believes I got this bump on my leg from falling so ehh at this point my big right toe is not stinging for the past 3 days there probably gonna have to amputate it trust me when I say death can be sweet for lots of people out there


If you really think it'll come to amputation, I'd think that warrants an early trip to the doctor.

ehh when im your high it helps though