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Still ..

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - August 10th, 2018

I feel like there is a monster screaming directly in my face .. I feel like I got beat up alot from having a sore body .. Worried I am of whats to come in the end for me something painful? It would only seem so ... Something scary . Yes it would have to be the subconsiosly way to go .. Idk I have a rare bone deformity that effects my nees arms and back and thumb nails it is called the small petillia disease you get it if your mother ate squirle soup or squirl any thing really well with it I had to answer tons of my friends questions on "whys" for 4 - 5 years from moving each 2 years meeting new people and answering same question I got so bored with it as a kid I ended up telling 15 people a diffrent story of why my thumb nails look like that lol ! ehhh my disease is 1 and 100,000 to get so I am a rare honestly lol it makes it pretty cool but oddly only thing I am alergic to is a random type of tree in the tropics which freaks me out cause I cant remember which one and test sucked so bad I dont wanna do it again the kentucky doctor probably did not save record I am glad its a rar dieseas though cause I would hate to see any one else have to live this way .. I mean there is way worst ways that you could live but being restrained to walking only is a bit not fair I would love to run for sport but my knees would pop and hurt for 1-2 months after cclicking and popping so its scary enough to make me realize ok running is not for my body ! So gym class was easy for me for my whole life I mean some times I was forced to do mile and forced to run hard then had to sit out of gym for 2 weeks after .. :/ Atleast the other kids in highschool finally let me be and made me feel popular and in middle school I was there rare white friend .. But now I am lone rare wolf looking for a producer of some sort so I can start working towards Big creations.

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It's good that those kids were nice to you in high school and middle school. You don't need to be a lone wolf though. Also, walking's not that bad. Someone probably knows what tree you're allergic to. And you need to stay positive, thinking about the worst doesn't help.

Yeah but it is really freaky to know that my knees have a 75% chance of giving up and popping out fully at any time .. really freaky it happen to my mom while she was running in high school gym class she had to get surgery on both her knee caps the after wards she had back pains from that she deals with till today. And we have the same type of bone structure cause her mother was the one that ate squirrel than which gave it to both of us. I dont know if its scary maybe I am more thinking its not really fair more ?