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Here is something for you all to remember

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - August 21st, 2018

If your dealing with blood in the urine most the time it means your body is trying to pass a kidney stone or your using blood thinners (som etype of pill?) any yways if you are pssing a kidney stone you cant goto the doctor for help untill the time comes to pass the kidney stone this is how you will know the "time is right.." lol so first your lower stomach and lower back will be hurting intensely at the same time there is no pain killers that can help this so at this point is when you can finally get help from the doctors they will give you a scan and some medicine to help you pass them also your probably gonna have to goto the ER for this and not your regular doctor I dealt with this last year and now well I had three stones and passed one .. and after I thought the others have poassed just in pieces though but I guess I was wrong they never went away so now im chugging lemon juice and water trying to flush it out and I know the pain thats gonna come cause of this already my stomach and back is at a very little pain that can go unoticiable for some time but its gonna get worst then I am gonna bet just like last year I will try to quit drinking soda and go 3 months and realize this shit is stupid if I want soda I am gonna drink soda! then go back to drinking 3-4 some times 5 pops a day I have been drinking soda seance I was drinking from a bottle so 22 years of soda drinking will be hard to break and with my addictive personality probably wont help alot eaither just know If your gonna see the doctor for kidney stones you have to wait for the major pain trust me when you get this pain you will know cause it becomes hard to even concentrate feels like you get stabbed repeatidly in stomach and lower back at the same time and dont goto regular doctor you need to goto ER for this Enjoy the information