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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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Please come talk with me in this status !

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - September 8th, 2018

I am ...Feeling like I cant really talk with that many people please help me cure this by chatting with me in regular conversasion here your comment would mean so much to me right now Good or Bad honestly..


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Well... while I wait for replys I will watch this.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8m8nYtYSC0 hank hil

Well, lets start this conversation. Have you got a story to tell?

...Great question! What kind of story would you like to hear like what genre?

Fun or good events which happen in your life.

Well ! I started drinking hard liquir at a young age like 12 or 13 I only did it on the summer though and when I turned 19 me and my cousin where drinking moonshine in a sunny d mixed with a half bottle of sunny d and full 15 dollar bottle of moonshine . It tasted like sunny D so I was tring to drink as much as my cousin was which was like twice my weight ! But I loved the taste of sunny D so much I was able to match him 50 50 on the bottle and when we finished it I was walking down the road with one of my other cousin and there is one roll of houses down this road and train tracks across from it well! I sat in the tall grass on the small hill where the train tracks lay on top then I tred to get up but instead I just rolled semi down the hill into the road drunk as a skunk it was a creeper feeling like it came out of no where and my cousin had to carry me back to the house over his shoulder so Last thing I remember that night was him saying "I swear dalton if you pee right now I am gonna have to beat your drunk ass!" Lol I slured out "quit bouncing me so much than!" lol he ran with me back to the house after that and than photo where taken .. I thought I went to sleep ok lol but I was up for the next two hours acting like a jack ass I dont remember it but photos show me trying to take off my shirt half way getting stuck with one arm out and one arm in that eating food and telling jokes apparently and making faces and laughing but I dont remmeber none of it lol I was fucked up

@Pecheneg What about you?

Okay, here goes mine: What things do you like to read (kinds of books, comics etc)? Best writer/story/etc

My most favorite story was west side school IK its a kids book but it was so wacky or the dream dictionary . my favorite writer is edgar allan poe cause he dedicated his life writing to dark stuff and that must feel weird how the public looks at you after doing that so I think it took guts for him to do that!
My favorite story? I like all the storys in "365 scary stories" no wait.. actually there is this story passed down the family in kentucky called "child iller charlie".. its so creepy

@RedeyestheSecound okay, here is my short story.
Once apon a time I have walking to GYM with my friends.
My favorite exercise is bench press. In this sunny spring day one tall fit boy(I don't know his name) wanted to do this exercise with my weight.
That was fun, he was exhausted for one approach/set.
And this young man came to me and said with pocker face: "You need to decrease working weight".

Ha-ha-ha. In his mind I was a reason of his exhaustion.
BTW It was children's weight - just 60 KG.

Haha he should of busted his skull open with a 25 pound plate lol