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My bad! honestly

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - December 13th, 2018

So i know that my creations and time spent on the site has decreassed alot over the past few months thtats because of a bad health problem I am dealing with honestly it makes it even hard to create videos for youtube cause of the state of mind im currently in ..But I always kick my self to try to get back at creating cause in the first place I started cause I just wanted to entertain people make people feel emotion . This does not mean ill be coming back soon cause i still gotta wait till after christmas to get a opperation done on my kidneys ughh I wish I can continue now to create cause the more i created the better I felt about life knowing I created over enough stuff to keep a average person entertained for about 4 months adding my art here and videos on youtube I mean the only thing that really can stop me now is if I decide not to go through with the opperation and well.. I guess I would probably get worst  but I am in thre state of mind like "would  I rather deal with pain a little longer or just give up on it all " My advice for today is dont give up on your dream no matter how tireing or hard it becomes hard work is always the best work too !


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was the operation successful

i DECIDED NOT TO DO IT cause I did not want them to shove a weird straw up my penis like in 2 kids in a sand box... LOL but i quit peeing blood completely 1 week after i decided not to do it ! So i was punched in the kidney one night before all this happen I just did not know you can tear your kidney this way well the guy had brass knuckles on but I almost forgot cause I did not realize them that much.. and yeah he got a kidney shot in and cut my kidney up a lil bit and it healed though just took time it was scary I forgot about fight and did not know you can damage kidney by fighting or it getting hit and not showing damage till after doctor visit? its been like 1 month and a half or 2 months ago it stopped

@Gimmick @RedeyestheSecound That sounds rough, good thing it healed up. Are you going to go to the doctor again and do a kidney function test or something? It may have healed but there may still be some unseen damage underneath

nah seance there is no sign of it being damaged any more I dont see no need also dont have the money for it even with medical

@Gimmick @RedeyestheSecound speaking of brass knuckles, it's kind of ironic your level icon is a brass knuckle :p

... that is weird like its been them ever seance i started to pee blood i have not ranked up seance i got back..

@RedeyestheSecound hope you get to do the test sometime in the future then

@RedeyestheSecound hope you get to do the test sometime in the future then