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Posted by RedeyestheSecound - May 5th, 2019

Wow so I reply to a comment on my post from half a year ago probably 1 year ago and now I am banned OUNCE AGAIN from posting in forums for a couple days here is the reason this time !

Reason for ban: Don't bump threads that are several years old if you don't have anything useful to contribute. 

– Big-Boss

When I first made my account mods would give you warning in messages now this year .. Oh they wanna have stats showing they busted "BUSTED" some one being "bad for the site" if you ask me people with mod power abusing it is "bad for the site" MAN MODS STOP MAKING ME PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE I LOVE THIS SITE ! I AM NOT A FAN JUST TO THE SERIES.. I AM A FAN TO THE SITE AND TOM FOR CREATING IT AND GO D DAMMIT ... now ... I really feel like im loosing my like for this site and ..Actually imma stop bringing my friends here imma just let the site die like how people say when you try to talk about it in public...



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@One-Eyed-Jack here think of it like this is several years 5-6 months? is that several years?!?!? LAST TIME I CHECKED AS A HUMAN TIME DOES NOT GO LIKE THAT FOR A DOG YES MAYBE maybe the mods are dogs idk ?!!?!?!?

@One-Eyed-Jack got any thing else to add to make your self look more stupid? Cause your just making your self look liek a jack ass adding words that were never there

@One-Eyed-Jack you know what dude your getting blocked cause im done arguing with you ok my last words to you is "I CANT WAIT till the mods start to boss you around for a stupid reason I WANT YOU TO THINK about this post when you deal with a trolling mod " AND YOU KNOW WHAT dont make a post about it be a lil b and take it cause it seems like thats how you like it any ways peace out looser ! have fun being blocked I know I will enjoy it not seeing you ever again !

Lmao he should be the one blocking you. You always do that with your threads. Repeat offenders aren't warned. The previous bans were your warnings. And yes several months is long. Pal you can't revive dead threads like that. I did that with a club but it's a club, not a normal thread, it's meant to keep going. You're seriously overreacting. Calm down. No one rages about this. It was a day.

cmon dude I know your not that dumb READ THE REASON FOR BAN! BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR DICK HOLE several years not several months !!!!! omg why do I get all the idiots on my post?!!??