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fuck it tom terminate my account

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - May 6th, 2019

serouse dude ... I think I would like to go back to having no accoutn than having one here.. it was much more enjoyable before I learned about your crooked mods and crappy ranking system.. YOU CAN TAKE MY ACCOUNT REMOVE ALL MY STUFF IDC ANY MORE screw your site you hear me screw your site!!!! I hope some one pisses with aids in your mods faces all of them in a line !



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Ok what's the problem? I advise you to take this down before Tom sees it. You'll likepy regret it. Just at least tell me what the problem is, I'm super curious.

Bs and bite a bullet dog! dont act like your all goody two shoes and your no help so why would I tell you your jsut gonna "blah blah blah" all over the place with no reason AND YOU KNOW WHAT im not a bitch IDC if I get terminated its not my fault the mods here abuse there powers jsut to get there rank up HELL LAST BAN I WAS ON I TOLD TOM AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPEN WITH 20 HOURS LEFT IN MY BAN IT WAS REMOVED IM SURE WHEN TOM SEES THIS HE IS GONNA UNDERSTAND CAUSE HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HELPED ME OUT OF THE LAST "BS" BAN BY Big-Boss tHEREVIEW idk WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU WHILE i WAS GONE BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I KINDA WANNA BLOCK YOU TO NOW .. cause you changed into a complete mind farting idiot

It's not mod abuse, and I'm not stupid. And Tom doesn't tolerate people who bitch and moan and then call the site crap. Why the actual fuck would he unban you now? He has deleted many users in the past, and you've requested it. Oh, and wtf kind of ranking are you talking about? That doesn't exist. Deleting things as a mod earns you no stats. You're imagining things as usual. Go ahead, block me, I've been blocking you for months now, but I've been letting you reply to me like this because I felt bad and was kinda amused by your rants. There's no point, no matter how many times we tell you, you'll never change. You'll always rant and you'll always be nonsensical and you'll always have an overinflated ego.

what ever have fun being blocked looser
"the room" movie was stupid just like you too ..