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damn another year passed..

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - May 9th, 2019

I quit celebrating my birthday when i turned 17 today im 23 .. and still dont celebrate why would i celebrate the day that leads me one year closer to death though ? If I want to party ill just party when ever I want to I dont need to wait for one day of the year but i quit drinking so i dont party as much any more ? your probably wondering wouldn't you want birthday sex? well with all the traps around in todays society not really..

But seance it is my birthday and I know there is alot of you who still celebrate birthdays ill do something special and tell you all a real story from my past :)

So when I was in 5th grade I had gotten a portable DVD player for my last birthday and loved it well one day I found 6 porn movies from my dads room and snuck one out cause I was surprised it was 6 hours long ! Now I would be watching porn cyber sex and role playing dirty at the time so I was used to it and in kindergarten I found porn magazines so I was really used to porn growing up I jsut really liked it and still do :3 any ways I wanted to show my friends cause I KNEW they did not know that the PORN DVD is 6-7 hours long So I wanted to prove it to them what i did was I brought my portable DVD player and dvd to me and as soon as i got on the bus I showed like 4-5 people that were around me and one of them was my crush from the year before but she was with a guy seance I moved and moved back I could of had her if i never moved oh well.. So I show one of my trouble making best friends and HE LOVED IT ! he is like let me borrow this so you dont get in trouble k and ill show people for you and i was like ok :3 he showed like over 40 people !!!!

he was watching it at lunch,recess and showing the DVD to other class rooms when he went to the bathroom he was a wild card .. what i did not know is he was telling every one it was mine .. So at the end of the day the teacher pulls me to the side and says "ummm do you have a bad movie in your back pack.." I knew right away what she meant and knew it was in my friends back pack so I was like nahhh not at all I would never do that ! So they searched my back pack and I saw the people who snitched on me cause the teacher wanted me to know who "lied" on me :3 hheheh that saved my life later on .. So I get my dvd and portable dvd player back on the bus and the next day every fucking one EVERY ONE was calling me "The Porn Master" XD I loved it ! why wouldn't I ? I grew to see porn as a good entertainment ! So that was cool the story does not end there though laster that week two girls from my class the ones that snitched on me were asking questions about it and i kept going around the answer like "why would i do that?.. " and "no..." "thats a funny thing to do but i would never do that !" and then she pulls out her phone infront of me saying "HAHA I GOT YOU ON TAPE SAYING YOU DID IT !?!" .. i straight up said ok saying i did what though? and she even showed the teacher and I walked up behind them to listen pretending I had a question on the homework and listened in.. I heard wind.. the phone was in her pocket and she was moving around alot all you heard was static XD no voices what so ever then she turned around saying "never mind.." and saw me with a concerned look on my face like "are you ok..." seance she kept lieing .. well snitching on me we had sat in groups in like of 6 3 each side faceing each other and she was sitting across from me .. So its my turn to play her stupid game I went home that day and told my mom the girl was bullying me and I wanted her to get away from my table and the next day anonymously her desk was moved in the middle to her self XD omg that was the best she was crying like what did i do though ! and were all looking at each other at our table like ughh?... I only told my best friend what I had done and to pretend I did not do it XD and then she came up to me in recess and said "I know it was you" I was like "why would you think that now... cause you been snitching on me for a month straight trying to get me in trouble ?.." I told her though I felt bad for when she cried a little bit ok but if she leaves me alone I will ask if the teacher can put you back in our group k ... she made that deal and never fucked with me again instead she invited me to the movies and grinned on me like it was a joke and licked my cheek ... Made me .. umm feel feelings for her.. I told my best friend about it that I think I like her alot now .. and he fucking told her ! and then seance he told her infront of people she was acting as if she did those things just to tease me ... so in the end it was a draw I have to admit BUT I WAS CALLED PORN MASTER ALL THROUGH OUT MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL AND THE END OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL I AM THE PORN MASTER!




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This is master race

omg what a story
this was really good
im sure someone can make an animation about this
it would be cool

happy birth day
loved the story

Wow your right that would be a good toon actually ill post it in forums and ask any one if they want me to type script for it ! cause I would LMAO seeing that especially seance it actually happened and actually .. Now when I write review on XNXX porn site I use the user name "Porn Master" :3 XD