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Damn another hacker bites my cord..

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - May 10th, 2019

Welp I rebooted my computer and its same problem 20 mins it will go idle if i watch youtube or something then it freezes.. and I gotta restart it.. damn.. Like I reboot it to factory settings it should not be having this problem and its a gaming desk top (not gonna say the full version of computer but its a good one ) .. it was a good one.. then these mods threaten me on me giving out personal info thinking i would be scared... cause my youtube idk .. two news post ago front his one if you wanna see that comment its very threatening but funny for me (if its still up) umm How do you suppose to threaten some one who grew up watching madness and pico and other sick old newgrounds shit and aspect them to be fazed by it at all really now ?! your gonna have to step up and show up ! nah dont do that honestly that would be bad for your end more than mine cause it would be untelling how many days that can last ;)


I think I would like to gift you with another story seance you liked that last one so much ! So sorry my eye sight is actually getting worst .. no joke like I wear glasses but now today I turned my zoom to like 110% XD lol

I had a crazy life so there is so much things I can tell you I never told most people I will try to keep the drug stories out though ;) is air can to clean your pc a drug?... I dont think so ... So XD about 3 years ago I was hanging out with my friend and her friend just got out of jail and lived close by me so I was like awesome!!! Lets hang out with him cause his name was Goat the one who came out of prison well that .. I think was his nick name.. I feel like they tried to tell me it was his real name XD but any ways we walked to get him and he met us half way and it was cold out side when I woke up that day I felt good but .. that cold and my thin sweater was not good and the deep snow .. so we got back and stood freezing in a garage to smoke three bowls well my friend smoked with us on one then i smoked with her friend on one then i smoked one by my self it was weak bud .. I thought.. this day seemed like it was going great and fun ! we go up in my room and decide to puff on a air cleaner for pc I dont do it but her friend was like know how to get high like that and I was like yeah but I need it for my pc... I did not want him using my can but he did jokingly liek "check this out " *puts the pipe from can against his shirt puts it in his mouth and takes A LONGGG ASS HIT I was like omg ... that had to taste nasty is what I thought and he put it down and fell back tweaking so i was like why not I was shaking from being out in the cold took two small hits of it and he laughed at me took a long hit too then right after and his smile faded while my grew and I was doing it same way I did not know you were supposed to use shirt cause last time I tried that shit it tasted like poison! I hated it but that time it was not so bad ... walking up the stairs to my room i was slow cause I was so high before this and well I decide to smoke a ciggerat right after out my window and I am doing that and its all hitting at ounce I feel like I have to shit .. So I got up ran down my stairs now my room is like this my stairs have there own walls and my room is only room up stairs so bottom of stairs with my door shut its like a cube down there BOOM i had two more steps to go but I puke unexpectedly did it too like the exorcism all over half the floor and the walls and stairs . Then I felt liek I was really sick but I was liek no no stay up there guys k I gotta get something .. my stairs are like each step is a foot off the ground and a weak wooden railing one on the left arm im right handed ok .. I open the door and puke is coming out like water I am like crap how do i step over now so I move really slowly but still fall at the bottom and there about to look down the stairs and im like "nope nope.. every thing is ok dont look down here .." ow.. got up quickly and moped it and paper toled walls and cleaned it all within 5-10 mins then they could leave lol I was like I wanna hang out still and my dad said but you said you dont feel good ? I was like oh yeah your right I do feel really sick right now ... I guess the cold,smoking,huffing,more smoking and not eating got me sick within 2 hours thats what I learned from that day !