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Damn remembering about the past ...

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - May 10th, 2019

Here is last birthday true story you all get god dammit sit down and shut the fuck up ! *blinks* wait need to turn text up so I can see it one sec..

Ok thats better.. for me at least :3 so like when I was a young kid hmm .I would say at the age of like 6 .? or 5 .. But My cousin came over and she was 3 or 4 years old and she wanted to play with my toys and she had chocolate on her hands .. So I said No do not touch my toys your gonna get them sticky :( and I did not think of calling for my mom to help and I did not think about washing her hands I was young to ok.. So the solution was this I pulled out 7 of the less favorite toys I had and let her played with them but every time she would go to the toy chest I would be like no we gotta have adventure with these guys away from the castle.. :( and she would be like ok .. then we would play and right away she would go back to the toy chest and I was like ok let me get one out for you just wait I got another less favorite toy I had like 45 of them action figures of cartoons and toy wrestlers and mini beanie babes and giant toy solders those items .. and sadly I ended up pulling out 25 items and building blocks for her to touch every one and get chocolate on lucky around 20 the chocolate dried up .. Well that is not important part or funny part of story funny part when she left I cried almost and whined that she got my toys dirty and my mom cleaned every one that was sticky for me . but the important part before she was leaving I was hiding behind the couch 5 feet away from them .. and my mom said wanna give your little cousin a hug good bye dalton? I was behind the couch "I am not dalton.. I am bad dalton .." and in a deep voice..... And like yeah she left I felt bad because I did love to play with my cousin we spend alot of time together growing up even after that ..BUT BAD DALTON became the main villain In a story I have been working on for the past 6 years he is like same face as me but 4-5 times more muscle close to body builder more like bouncer body type if that makes seance and same hair but he always wears camo .. Even after that day I think I knew bad dalton as a imaginary friend before I did that because I remember after that I was always pretending with my imaginary friends growing up I would have a group and we would have to take down BAD DALTON and like my group would mostly die off before we reach him only with two survivors behind me or one most the time and alot of friends would play with me too they loved it cause it was kind of like a scary game and we got to play with the toy weapons alot but .. Every scratch bad dalton got I got in return if bad dalton lost a hand I lost a hand too instantly same side cause of a curse by a witch from where I first lived she said "If you want me to remove your anger I can .." it was day after I got in trouble for stabbing my older cousin in the back with a big wooden stick when I was 3-4 years old.. So I accepted cause I did not wanna be in trouble any more she laughed in my face and spit big spit flew right in my face ... :/ Then BAD DALTON was created I like to say his name in caps cause people think hes me no no no hes my anger usually off somewhere else hiding and staying safe .. Ok hes not hiding hes mostly imprisoned cause he likes to cause to much of a ruckus