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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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Ok.. So now people stop reading my post too..

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - July 25th, 2019

Jeez I used to look up to this site growing up thanks to funnyjunk.com but now I burnt every bridge with most user on here it was stupid to ever make a account here I never wanted to be hated by my favorite site I am already hated by Facebook they wont let me back on and now I am getting banned so much even for little reasons I be good ban i be bad ban that is how it is for me now I am not kidding I burnt the bridges down ... But it was a accident I never knew the bridges were gassed with gas already and they were easy to set to flame . But even if I did know that ... I cant help my anger issues they are a big part of me its what makes me ...Me..I cant be 50/50 its either I am super happy ,super mad,or supper sad.. When ever I feel a emotion I feel it really strongly no matter what is the case.That is just the way I am ..I HAVE NO FRIENDS IRL CAUSE THEY ALL PRETENDED TO LIKE ME MAKING ME THINK I WAS GONNA HAVE FRIENDS AFTER HIGHSCHOOL BUT THAT WAS NOT THE CASE I WAS LEFT ALONE ALONEE!!!! I was lied to and hurt already and you all had to deal with the super sadness which alot of you helped me with and then I thought you can cure my super mad side too I should not even had made you deal with the sadness so of course now thinking back on it .. I should of never made you deal with the any upsetting side you all should of just seen the happy side of me you would of seen less work and heard less from me but at least I would not have made you all hate me :/



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Have you tried talking to a therapist about your issues?

I did and they gave me pills that made me shake hard as if it was cold in the summer time then after giving me some to replace those they gave me a new drug and that took away all personality and emotions so I was not sad any more but emotionless then its been 5 months seance i have not take them cause that is why I could not create as much art as I used to ... :/ and videos :( they ruined me

Aww, I feel bad about you. :( Don't worry, you have someone to talk to.

Actually I push every one away people really good to me and bad I just push every one away at times even people on this site can testify I done it to them to lol legit mods on the site have me blocked quite a few like around 4-7 of them and even best friends I grew up with and family the ones I care about the most usually get pushed away by me and its hard to forgive my self after I do it cause IDK Yesterday walking back from a friends house A cop stopped me cause I was a individual that was fighting with some one far away coming from the opposite way I was coming from and I was questioned cause I had curly hair ... growing up people loved to touch my hair cause it was soft and nicely blonde sorry I dont feel like cutting it but when asking "what kind of shirt did they have on?.." cause I had to walk that way the incident happen like 3 streets away from my home where i was walking 0.0 pretty spooked officer in car said "We only know he had curly hair." I was like well jeez thanks for the help ... Lol now thinking about it I am like "thanks for accusing me for something I was far away from and highly walking towards from 14 streets away so tired too and ......Well I forgot part 2 lol but it was funny and OH YEAH and saying "we" as if there is people backing you up right now and you have a ride along when you dont .. or maybe they had a kp it was shaped like that car but I did not read car I was trying to get home from the store after I got my meds