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Posted by RedeyestheSecound - August 2nd, 2019

Welp I did not read full post they made or sentance but there basically trying to make it sound like im just trying to frame "HelenGiantess" My favorite thing is about there post they expose them selfs on not being a girl XD at the end of the post they complain about me "exposing" them for sending viruses through links in messages mods wont listen to me or even check out the link was sent to me so hopefully some of you see this post so you know NOT to download files from the user "HelenGiantess" honestly if any one sends a link that makes you download something google or not DONT DO IT LOL

But yeah my favorite part is them exposing them selfs on saying " I will not apologize to RedeyestheSecound. He behaved rudely and incorrectly, especially with a girl."

lol cmon think about it most girls dont point out the fact they are girls and infarct most boys dont claim there boys in this way so is this even a human ? Nah most likely im willing to bet its a troll with a computer that needs to be stopped from sending viruses ..

Oh my second favorite part is they replied after I rebooted my computer and cleaned it so most likely they were watching my pc trying to destroy it while I waited for a reply cause as soon as I clean it BAM got a reply and a block I dont mind if this user "HelenGiantess" AKA the trapping virus has me blocked im glad that means they cant send me links with viruses on it to spy or destroy my device lol just goes to show you most females are not only males pretending to be females but best way for trolls to send out viruses in most easiest ways



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Electronic devices matter

Wow another thing I found funny when idiots expose them self cause they try to cover there tracks and make sure more people would download This is what was said in HelenGiantess status

"I was just trying to send him a picture as a gift. I sent this link exactly to this file on Google disk to many people - everything is all right! I just downloaded this same file myself and checked it with three antiviruses."

I hope many people did not download it too lol no its not alright.. I downloaded it and as soon as I downloaded it my computer froze for a good 4-5 seconds then after words was slowing down after every click i made with mouse or every time I tried to change page I only could fix this by rebooting my pc and no I did not have a virus on my device until after clicking this download on there files they sent me dude .. that pretends to be a chick what I like to call "a chick with a dick"
Please stop lying and I see by the way your talking your not gonna stop trying to send this virus and you want to get more people IDK what is your main account but I am sure its some one who felt like they were done wrong by the site so they changed there sex knowing mostly males use this site and also learning how to send virus downloads to get back that is my verdict either way the virus is real

YOu should consider blocking "HelenGiantess" before they change there name to get away from the heat and to stop being exposed

Thsi is the last thing imamssay about this user " If you get a message saying "Gift" with a winky face emoji from this use I would not even click it link is not dangerous its when you try to download to open image then thats when they get a hold of your device remember devices are not able to stop you from clicking away so YOU have to look out for your device if you trully care about how it provides you with internet or many things what IRL cant."

Electronic devices matter

Matrix has you! )))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ehh if the matrix is runned by keyboard warriors and traps then I guess so cause I run into them alot and get targeted by them alot lol I was always imaging cool wanan be FBI agents in matrix not creeps and lame hackers lol

@davrilov sorry dont hear alt accounts .. they are .. they are so useless other then acting like a keyboard warrior so your main account dont look like it why dont you go back to your friend the trap who draws crappy giant porn yeah ?