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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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Time went by to fast at the same time to slow...

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - August 7th, 2019

I ran out of lot of options .. You wont understand and probably wont ever understand why .. I cant explain my pan then it would not work and I will have 0 options instead of one last one .. Anyways don't forget hate me ... Hate me or regret ever knowing me ...You are not the only one I had to push away so many people even family and not just friends . CAuse I dont wanna let people down and I know I will so please just forget about me but dont forget about the happiness i brought ok I was showing every one there is still kind people at first cause my deffination of a hero is a good friend.. But a good friend would not give up .. So I would rather be enemy than friend I dont want you to stop trusting people but I cant be the one to let you down.

GG, good luck, and keep on fighting for the greater good !

8/24/19 (shit i missed counted thought the 26th happy its sooner but at the same time not )



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time does that when on acid come on

@Kolumbo Well too bad I don't use acid or any hard drug. I wish I did experiment with them more though I am sure I could of created some really cool stuff but I cant even drink any more cause it all taste like poison to me now I drank to much growing up I guess.
I just say. "It is what it is?"

Not enough time to watch my favorite animes but enough time to watch my favorite youtube creators old videos and movies trying to create and upload but im to weak i just keep falling asleep

I am sorry your glue huffing turned out so bad for you.

@spisko Sorry I wont give you the reaction you want but maybe you should try again I mean hell you got 15 days so better try to think of something better ? If you can XD Also how old are you 50 ? lol they got rid of toxic glue when I was born maybe I inhale toxic people? they got more of that ..

You say you wish you experimented with more drugs, but you probably don't even know where to find weed. And even if you did the dispensary/dealer would not be able to understand you because you sound like you huff glue. Drugs only help artwork when someone is massively talented. You can't draw, rap, do podcasts, animate, or any of the other things you have attempted on this site. I don't say this to be mean. I say this because you have no idea how to do stuff, and make no attempts at getting better. You shamelessly steal copyrighted music. Your mic sucks. You have no concept of shape. You have the internet. Learn to do something before making us bear witness to your bullshit.