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Let me run the race one more time coach...

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - August 9th, 2019

This is the only place i got for comfort for the past 23 years on and off now and i finally was able to live by my rules. In Daltonism!

1)You should always be careful when getting to close to a unknown person or animal cause you never know when you can get bitten.

2)You really need to respect others an all other religions.

3)You should not force our religion on others it's ok to ask 1 time per person but if they say no respectably thank them for listening.

4)Shall not take others possessions meaning items belonging to others.

5) Shall not harm your self with cuts or harm others unless you need to survive.

6) Do not force others to do your buddings meaning task's to do. Or can't do it without them being happy about helping.

7)Stay safe and never harm yourself to cause death..(cutting, overdosing, jumping to death, or allowing a hit.)

I DID IT survived by these rules so far at age of 23 wish I was able to push my self to want to drive more but smh car crashes pushed me away and slow driving when taking test I drove fine alot of time on long roads but when being tested I try to be to perfect I guess lol ... I went the speed limit for a school zone ...in summer X( and then i slowly turned in to the lot cause i felt liek i failed already and over thinks it again trying to be to perfect getting confused ... if i was able to work now could basically only get part time I wish I decided to go to collage but I wanted to wait for my past friends to pass. I worked at a factory for 1 day .. but after being there so long and the whole time me and my friend were by other workers they would talk about each other so negative like I HATED THAT ! BOTH SIDES CHOOSES TO TALK TO ME TO TALK ABOUT EACH OTHER I CANT HANDLE THAT SHIT NOW ! Here is how it went walked around with supervisor and he talked about workers like they were shit I smile and nodded as i swept and went "Yup...haha your really funny man .." He is like No! I am serouse though there ass holes and lazy as hell im so glad I got you and your friend here to help .. Man me and my friend got treated good cause we sided with both sides it was crazy ..But the problem was THEY ALL kept talking negative while only being nice to us ! 5 miles away from home I decided to walk in foot snow instead of waiting for my mom to come pick me and my friend up when we were done now my friend got picked up I knew he was gonna work while he waitied I could not ! cause at the end we had to listen to supervisor or as worker calls him "office boy" XD lol I would like to be office boy... That is alot of info about me for now so




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one more ranking travel and I rank up past "boxing glove with spiked bare knuckles

changing in boxing glove with brass knuckles spikes for a pipe is not worth it lame level XD lol now i wanna level up to get off this lame wepon i should of stick with boxing glove X(

Nope I always knew that it is another name for color blindness I am waiting till I get 100 followers to make it public and send into government MIGHT need to change the name or who knows maybe I will be able to share it cause my religion deals with alot of people that are truthblindness they lk lost hope and faith so they came to me to find it in a very peaceful way that is why my religion was created to help people believe again.. I mention this to people its a colorblindness but later it will be changed to something that can be searched but im not gonna send in the papers till I have enough followers and wont get screwed over cause of it I am being safe I am happy people find colorblindness when searching my religion cause it really will show who belongs and who does not ..