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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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I am still going ...

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - September 6th, 2019

I was put in a psycward 10 days ago for 9 days I now dont take things for granit ad realize what I must do that is to survive I was agry for the first da at the hospital but quickly realized oly way I will make it out is by accepting the fact my mom and (scam artist) aunt and (meth head) cousin. Are willing to do ay thing to ge tme put away or take my own life for 10,000 .. Now they have to pay umm? IDK 805*9 = 7,245$ they took a risky bet with that one cause I cant pay that bill insurance can take 30% off but .. I guess now I am actually depressed and that is because I feel like im in debt but at the same time I feel like a survivor and stronger mentally ... They lied and rob me to 1) make me angry then 2) to lock me up with the crazy people ... What they did not think about is I would easily get taken off the ICU floor floor for the convicts and people who try to escape with in 2 days and going to the suicidal people where it was way more nice and well fun I made a family there a STRONG friendships I took there numbers I will ot forget about them AND I WILL KEEP ON GOING NO MATTER HOW MUCH PAIN THERE IS IN MY MIND AND BODY I AM HERE TO STAY I AM HERE TO ENTERTAIN I AM HERE TO HELP ..I understand you all think im not here to help and a ?... "faker" but truth is look at the faith I gave you in humans before I took it away then look at the strength you gained and intelligence from when I took it away I made you stronger and asking for nothing AND I WILL KEEP DOING THAT ! Just like how I said when I was a kid "I am not happy unless I make others happy .." Sadly I can't make my mom happy unless I take my own life or die and they get 10,000 from life insurance but you know what ! That no longer bothers me cause I know ..? I know.. ? I know where I wanna go and where I wanna be and I will reach that goal no matter what tries to stop me.


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life is hard, and unfortunately we cannot make everyone happy. in order to be selfless, sometimes one needs to be selfish and put themselves first. And keep your mentality ready if those who choose not to be helped eventually come around. Take care of yourself dude.

your right will do !