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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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It was nice finding out about you people :)

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - November 15th, 2019

So 2 months ago newgrounds actually had my account blocked I cant login to this account from any other device I think if I log off on this one I wont be able to get back on like the other computers and on the device I am on now I cat upload images to the site from it always has a problem with the cropping or any other type of material always has a problem to were I cant upload it. I am not leaving by my own choice this is mods doing and newgrounds I know I was a dick head to many of you but thats just what I am a dick head I grew up in the "wickedest" life. Not saying it to use as a excuse just saying it to let you know how come its so easy for me to be wicked and cruel . Well seance my account was "access deleted" I have not been on new grounds and honestly after this time thinking about it .. YEah I could easily make a new account and keep uploading but I decided to be done with newgrounds I dont like the change I dont like the censorship I miss old school newgrounds. Oh I have not gave up on the art work though I been doing that way before I got into newgrounds so eventually I will make a video showing 15-20 art pieces or one big one like the one im working on now. I will be making a pic colag of it for a video to post on my youtube account which I will still be active on and storyfire where I post stories and video series !! Stay tuned as I tune out :) ;)

Peace physco's ;)




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Awww man, well miss you bro :) keep up your drawings my good sir

Alright. I still need to sub to you on my real account and not my nieces, but I don't exactly want my Birthname showing up lmao.


I apologize man

DUde dont BS go remove my name from your status update if you truly are sorry THat is such BS I dont go around talking about the things you done which could of effected your relationship with rain I did not do that though cause I dont talk trash about people to others I only talk trash to people that im talking ot so please remove my name from your status list cause right now your just making your self a target im up to 50 followers in daltonism and what if I start to tell them about you ? can you handle more than 40 people hating you ? imagine 40 trolls basically a troll army Yeah I would not want that for my self and you would be stupid to want that cause they would ruin any future plans you got with your idea of "dimension672" you know how you were working on it to become a story well what if one of my guys popped by and stole that story ? .. I could of done it if i wanted to you showed me everyything that was typed out about it so far but I dont take whats not mine unless given to me you should know that wink wink

@RedeyestheSecound yes I can handle it. Its Just shitty people doing shitty things to an underage kid.