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Have you heard of free game called cubic castle?

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 10th, 2020

Well first of warning bans last long time so dont be swearing on there or bullying or even joking around trolling if mod see's you doing that there then they will not think twice to ban you and there is not way of asking them to unban you. But if you go there super friendly and really try to get into the community you will see its a really fun game the game is best for computer though. On the count there is a website showing you all craftable items and you want that up when chilling in your base after done leveling up and ming alot. The building is really fun you can but rooms and expand your room more and more from 5X5 rooms and 100X100 and each level up you can pick a perk at rank 21 you can get or around ther merchant perk so that items on ubit store is 5% off at first then lvl to i think15% off so for a 100X 100 room instead of paying 5000 you can pay 4800 for it or even 4200 with lvl 2 merchant perk and all perks will help you out on what ever you wanna do. The quest for xp just look up how to do on youtube I dont do them I am just waiting to do it when im recorinding at the time. Right now I am lvl 28 or 31 and I only been playing game 100 hours in the past month I was able to get 100X100 cause last week they gave out like 6k cubits with this goldentpiggy present I am trying to build a world would you wanna come join me I can buy us a big room to build in and we can make something to help the universe of our qubee and others that come along or we could make like a special themed room based on what ever content!

(I cant take screen shots of this game for some reason but here is some online.)


Hey thinking about getting this amazing FREE MMO game? That would be cool there is much to do see at top where caht is people can do shout outs to call EVERY ONE to there shop where they will sell things from cubit store but way cheaper or maybe ask for you to come join a battle to win a prize or a game. So its kinda like gambling Or you can be a looner and go mining by your self hoard on material you dig up by puttin ghtme in chest and expanding your base as fast as you can ? BUT if you bring friends you can TRUST then you can buy portals in cubc store to link worlds or link in rooms you bought. There is also bunch of famring you can do with bushes they will respawn fruit rubber tree trunks respawns rubber OR you can goto cubic town center and find farm to buy farming supplies and farm more food like items to be able to use stove to cook meals I think that is mostly for people who have played long and good at selling or wanting to rp there. There is tons of bunch of rare bloxks you can find while mining in the game most the time when you goto a mine that is regulared colored on map means no ones been there yet and should have one block of cave art or fossil or some kind of random block deep in it OR you will most likely find these other rare blocks in certain mines, like diamonds,rubys, and emeralds but those you can only dig up with bombs which you can craft and should not buy with cubits. You can use your cubits how you want but I would suggest "If you can build it dont buy it." Atleast not on cubit store and buy it from other player after they used shout out ? If you want to come help me build there or want me to help you build a home and play send me message to get my cubic castle name!