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WElp it was fun and a GG 23 years achieved almost 24.

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 24th, 2020

Next month on the 9th it will be my birthday for the past week I felt like crap though not showing signs of corona but it's hard to believe they are just allergies if lasting this long and hitting this strong. I have a legit splitting headache that goes from the middle of my forehead to my hairline in front. I have been hungry nonstop I will eat but I will still feel like I'm starving. Today I almost passed out and I am not sure why that happened I tilted my head putting my chin on my palm and tilting my head very slightly next thing I knew I felt something I never felt before I honestly thought that was it. But it did not even last a second it felt like my vision just shifted as if someone picked my house up and turned it on its side for a second. IDK whats going on I don't feel good though. I really wanted to make a video on YT about this but I don't wanna worry subscribers a lot of them are IRL friends and family. I am not telling you guys to make you feel bad for me to trust me you already know I can give a shit if you care about me or not! I am only posting this info here cause I know I can trust you guys are not pussies and won't do anything dumb with this info. My family would make me go to the hospital right away to get checked out and that is what I fear visiting the doctors or coming close in contact with a health care worker, police officer, or any other essential worker that deals with criminals or sick people or the disturbed. I don't wanna get the virus in a stupid way like that by my own fault. Whatever it is it doesn't feel good so just in case I wanna say it was a GG I am happy that my parents put a life insurance policy on me and they will get money in case anything happens to me they deserve it cause it would be better than now like getting nothing from me cause I am stuck in a rut as a hikikomori. I also want a lot of you to know I pushed you away to keep you safe from my internet stalkers and trolls I am honestly a target individual when it comes down to it why? Well, it started off with trolling people online gaming as a kid, then cybersex, when I was a kid with over 70 people from age 11-15 Paltalk, made it easy to get what I wanted and around the time being a kid on Paltalk and a pervy kid like I was it was a playground almost. I had a really fun life, Of course, I had more fun in previous years than the last 4-5 years being an adult really does suck and being like me it sucks too you gain so many friends and then you push them away I probably went through 200 IRL friends and 800 online friends all good one's at first it was my fault for a while when getting rid of my IRL friends I was telling my self "There hate for me is what gives me my power! " IK pretty wicked stuff and no one saw it coming from the nicest person they knew.. EVEN ME I was not ready when I finally got rid of them all I was sad and alone. Then when pushing online friends away that was not my fault that was because I did not want them to get online harassed and stalked like I was. I just want it to be out there that I was always happy with my life even though it felt too long after the age of 13. I enjoyed every moment I got to have. I really don't feel good I just want this to be out there in case anything happens to me OFC I don't wanna go on a bad note but even after this it will feel like I have no choice but to do that to keep people safe from my attackers. Bill Clinton, I probably hurt you the most by slandering you on FB in the past and I want you to know I loved you as a president the only reason why I did that cause those truth-seeking bitches brainwashed me with false info and I am truly sorry I would not want anyone saying what I said about you you deserved better than that though you earned your place in being well respected. Trump being our first politician/celebrity president I am happy I got to see that WOOOO HOLLYWOOD!!! YA I wish I could have worked in the entertainment business I am sure I would have been one entertaining mother fucker. Even TMZ would not be able to keep up with someone like me ahahhaha ahhh IDK does corona cause chest pains and migraines I don't have a dry cough when I cough mucus comes up so I really don't think this is the virus. To all of you who fought with me online thanks you showed my online stalkers and trollers that you were not the one to mess with cause you were on there side. GG every one GG!

Ha damn even now I feel like a asshole my grammerly is saying it's feeling gloomy cause of this my bad spell check cheer up your an A.I act like it emotionless and just do your job.


Funny Daltonism started with 7 rules too how ironic a peaceful relgion haveing the same amount of rules to the steps of happiness. I never knew till now :) Pretty cool. Dreamland honestly I hope I sitill have 15+ followers so I could just goto the heaven I promised for them and my self or the hell I would like to see that and be able to create still I love to create that was the most fun thing I done creating whatever.