RedeyestheSecound's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 2,761 (From 592 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 39,735 Points

Monsters' Den Chronicles

Victor Unlocked 5/31/18
5 Points
Win a battle
Advisor 5 Points Gain a level with any character
Hoarder 5 Points Unlock all inventory bags
Investor 5 Points Invest in a store category
Cartographer 10 Points Completely explore one floor of a dungeon
Exterminator 10 Points Kill all enemies on one floor of a dungeon
Spendthrift 10 Points Amass 20,000 gold at once
Hardcore Campaigner 25 Points Complete a campaign with the Hardcore penalty
Veteran Campaigner 25 Points Complete a campaign on Veteran difficulty
Complete Act I 50 Points Complete Act I
Complete Act II 50 Points Complete Act II
Complete Act III 50 Points Complete Act III
Complete Act V 50 Points Complete Act V
Extreme Campaigner 50 Points Complete a campaign on Extreme difficulty
Guerilla 50 Points Play Act IV and pass wave 30 (above Beginner difficulty)
World Renowned 100 Points Complete all in-game achievements

Medals Earned: 1/16 (5/500 points)


Frankly Unlocked 5/28/18
5 Points
Build Frankenstein's Monster
Sounds Good Unlocked 7/22/18
5 Points
Listen to all songs
Wolf Out Unlocked 5/28/18
5 Points
Build The Wolfman
Falling For You Unlocked 5/28/18
10 Points
Make 1 enemy fall with a monster piece
Squish Squash Unlocked 5/28/18
10 Points
Squish an enemy with a monster piece
I Can Read! 5 Points Don't skip instructions
Lagoony 5 Points Build The Creature from the Black Lagoon
Holy Moly 10 Points Build The Mole Man
I See You 10 Points Build The Invisible Man
Phantasm 10 Points Build The Phantom of the Opera
Blushing Bride 25 Points Build Bride of Frankenstein
Doozy 25 Points Make 3 enemies fall with a monster piece
Mumm's The Word 25 Points Build The Mummy
Distinguished 50 Points Build American Werewolf in London
Electro-Greed 50 Points Collect 9 electro-tasers
Nice Shot 50 Points Kill all enemies on screen at once with 1 acid
Counting on you 100 Points Build Count Dracula
You Da Man 100 Points Score at least 200,000 points

Medals Earned: 5/18 (35/500 points)

Musical brick breaker

I got it! Unlocked 6/6/18
5 Points
Touch the ball with paddle on level 1.
I just hit something green! Unlocked 6/6/18
5 Points
Hit a green brick
I just hit something red! Unlocked 6/4/18
5 Points
hit a red brick.
I just hit something Yellow! Unlocked 6/4/18
5 Points
Hit a yellow brick.
It takes time my friend Unlocked 6/6/18
5 Points
Stay in level 1 on easy mode for 12 seconds
Noob Unlocked 6/6/18
5 Points
Destroyed the middle green block on level 1 in easy mode.
Sticking to the basics? Unlocked 6/6/18
5 Points
Clicked on easy mode
Still pretty easy Unlocked 6/6/18
5 Points
Beat level 2 on easy mode.
Time to have fun! Unlocked 6/6/18
5 Points
Clicked on "Start game"
Well this is easy! Unlocked 6/6/18
5 Points
Beat level 1 on Easy mode
I just hit something ultra! 5 Points Hit a ultra brick.
Kinda normal. 5 Points Beat level 4 on easy mode.
One brave soul 5 Points Clicked on Hardcore mode
This lives up to its name! 5 Points Beat level 5 on easy mode.
Um still kinda easy? 5 Points Beat level 3 on easy mode.
Time is points 10 Points Stay in level 1 on hard core mode for 20 seconds
I'm a legend 100 Points Complete Hardcore mode
So what really is new? Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
So what's new? Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 10/19 (50/195 points)

Mutants! Defense

Skilled Apprentice Unlocked 9/2/18
5 Points
Unlock 1 skill.
Under Achiever Unlocked 9/2/18
5 Points
Unlock 1 achievement.
Defense on Fire Unlocked 9/2/18
25 Points
Have a defender go on a 10 mutant kill streak.
First Defense 5 Points Successfully defend 1 map.
Not a Quiter 5 Points Fail to defend 10 times.
Killer Defense 10 Points Have a defender kill 20 mutants.
Knee Deep Defense 10 Points Successfully defend 5 maps.
Mutant Destroyer 10 Points Kill 75 mutants.
Silver Defense 10 Points Earn $450 in a single defense.
Skilled Veteran 10 Points Unlock 5 skills.
Mutant Eradicator 25 Points Kill 150 mutants.

Medals Earned: 3/11 (35/120 points)

My First Game

You learned to use the mouse Unlocked 4/3/20
5 Points
Open the game.
Escape the prison Unlocked 4/3/20
10 Points
Reach 20 in Hexscape.
My eyes Unlocked 4/3/20
25 Points
Reach 40 in Hexscape
3D 10 Points Reach 2000 in 3D Cube Runner.
Good ol' days 10 Points Reach 20 in Flappy Disk.
Nice aim! 10 Points Reach 150 in Super Shooter.
Ping... 10 Points Score 1 in Pong.
She looks familiar 10 Points Reach 200 in Gravity Switch.
...Ping 25 Points Score 2 in Pong
4D 25 Points Reach 3500 in 3D Cube Runner
800kb of memory 25 Points Reach 35 in Flappy Disk
Robots' Nightmare 25 Points Reach 200 in Super Shooter
Zzzz 25 Points Reach 400 in Gravity Switch
I said no... Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/14 (40/265 points)


Slow Time Unlocked 7/14/18
5 Points
Used SLOW TIME power-up.
1,000 Enemies Killed 5 Points Killed a total of 1,000 enemies.
Freeze Time 5 Points Used FREEZE TIME power-up.
10,000 Enemies Killed 10 Points Killed a total of 10,000 enemies.
Bomb 10 Points Used BOMB power-up.
First Organism 10 Points Beat the first boss.
Invulnerability 10 Points Used INVULNERABILITY power-up.
Revert Time 10 Points Used time revertion system.
50,000 Enemies Killed 25 Points Killed a total of 50,000 enemies.
Black Hole 25 Points Used BLACK HOLE power-up.
Lasers 25 Points Used LASERS power-up.
Second Organism 25 Points Beat the second boss.
1 Million Points 50 Points Achieved a score of 1,000,000 points.
Saved a Dimension 50 Points Beat the game.
Third Organism 50 Points Beat the third boss.
Insane Skill 100 Points Beat the final boss without using any X power-up.

Medals Earned: 1/16 (5/415 points)


BURNING Unlocked 7/15/18
5 Points
Match 3 fire
CHILLING Unlocked 7/15/18
5 Points
Match 3 air
DIRTY Unlocked 7/15/18
5 Points
Match 3 earth
MERLIN Unlocked 7/15/18
5 Points
Upgrade magic find
WET Unlocked 7/15/18
5 Points
Match 3 water
5th ELEMENT 5 Points Make 1 heart
IN TIME 5 Points Stop the time
KABOOM 5 Points Detonate 1 bomb
LOVED 5 Points Match 3 heart
UP NEXT 5 Points Unlock next
6th ELEMENT 10 Points Match 5 hearts
BIG CLOCK 10 Points Upgrade max time
DEEP FREEZE 10 Points Upgrade max freezer
NUCLEAR 10 Points Detonate more bombs
RAGE 10 Points Upgrade Nam3c
RICH 10 Points Upgrade multiplier
ADDICT 25 Points Score 1000 points
LUCKY 25 Points Make NAM3C
NOLIFER 100 Points Score 10000 points

Medals Earned: 5/19 (25/260 points)


Enter The Nightmare Unlocked 8/5/18
5 Points
Survive the first wave of attackers.
Frosty The Ownman Unlocked 8/5/18
10 Points
Purchase the Liquid Nitrogen Generator.
Deadzone 10 Points Purchase the Stasis Generator.
Imma' Chargin' Mah Laser 10 Points Purchase the VX Land Obliterator.
Spray Them Down 10 Points Purchase the Deranian Chaingun.
Ol' Skinny 25 Points Purchase The Line of Death.
Lazy 50 Points Purchase all of the Auto-fire turrets.
Lock And Load 50 Points Purchase every single turret.
The Eternal Sleep 50 Points Get the bad ending.
The Awakening 100 Points Get the good ending.
The VX Specialist 100 Points Beat the entire game without purchasing a single gun.

Medals Earned: 2/11 (15/420 points)

Naruto Vs Ten Tails Demo

A new power Unlocked 6/5/18
5 Points
You have transformed into Bijuu mode.
Hunter 10 Points You have killed a dog-looking Juubi's clone.
Edo Tensei hokages 25 Points The Juubi has been trapped by the first hokage.
Juubi's clons killer 25 Points You have killed some Juubi's clons.
New danger 25 Points The Juubi has turned into a flower.
True shinobi 50 Points You have beaten the big Juubi's clon.
The sage 100 Points You have beaten the game.

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/240 points)

Natural Selection 2

Fly Unlocked 5/27/18
5 Points
Pass 4 levels
Spider Unlocked 5/27/18
10 Points
Pass 8 levels
Trapped fly 25 Points Pass 12 levels
Bee 50 Points Pass 16 levels
Tired spider 100 Points Pass 20 levels

Medals Earned: 2/5 (15/190 points)