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This is reay cool love the animation style reminds me of a old adult swim cartoon! This was really awesome keep up the great work dialog was super funny to!

BuddypalBrigade responds:

I think your referring to the show Teletubbies. We actually have the entire series on vhs and manually slow and cut the audio straight from it. Pro tip: if you speed it up fast enough, you'll see the baby's head in the background.

Loved the reason for the fight to start lol. You make really cool charecters keep up the awesome work!

I loved this the fight was really cool and loved how it was a long 10+! Min fight! that was great and charecters were cool cause they looked really new but still almost basic looking. Nice work 10/10!

Oof, that was amazing and fun to watch great video I loved the joke at end "Its simple just wash your hands.." lol He has no arms.. rip.. That was super funny 10/10 If you decide to do one with johnny cage then you should make it like him giving it to celebrties seance I think hes supposed to be actor?

Lol loved the dialog it was so random and the voice acting was really great too! Keep up the great work!

Nice job the animation was smooth and the whole set you made looked cool!

Look not a bad start at all! Ok The major problem I have with it is the slowness of "dramatic pauses" The rest is really cool audio and effect but the face they are not talking I feel like there is no point for the dramatic pauses then maybe if you added dialog in there I would see it being alot better or adding more action and taking out the waiting parts. What ever you do keep up with making the good content k!

Unit-Productions responds:

Thanks for the feedback m8 :)

HAAAAA this is hilarus !!!! I love this the voice you used for him is hilarus ! 100/100 animations were good to!

I will be honest I am not a big furry porn fan or even a foot job fan ... BUT you managed for me to like this video one the charecters you used look so cool ! and the art style and animation is clean and super smooth ! Two you had the cock looking more human than nasty red dog penis I think that made me like it alot to Nice work I thought I would not enjoy this but I really did keep up the awesome work 100/100

RookieAnimator210 responds:

I appreciate it man! More of her coming soonn!

HAHA that was really funny love the randomness in it ! Reminded me of a server on darkrp in the game garrys mod lol Great video keep up the awesome work please!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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