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haha I know how this feels !!

HAHAHAHH These are the best cartoons from me has a south park feel please keep up the great work brewstew!

HAHAHAHA damn lol that was hilarious !! :,D haha this is why i never picked on my little brother and i would let him pick games to play lol I see my cousins little brothers get revenge and weird fetishes too like running around naked for no reason while swearing worst than a truck driver lol there mom would strap them in a car seat in the middle of the living room and make them legit eat soap well not swallow but she get suds in there mouth and watching this was funny (please use this idea) well one day I was off guard riding the red car that you power by pushing with your feet well yeah it was my first time getting to ride one my cousin had a big yard and i was out there alone and out of no where my cousins little brother came running out and jumps on the front of it naked and hes the size of the front window at the time so i can see the most creepiest face he was making trying not to laugh well i jumped out of the car right away cause i hated seeing him naked and as i jump out of the car he climes in through the window and start to drive it only to crash into there medium sized pool the ones made from rubber and white pipes and luckily he did not pop it cause i was watching like "omg please dont ruin the pool we make whirl pools in !" no he just tipped over in the car and almost knocked his brain out on a brick I did not even see that coming even though he tormented us and we were sure he was the anti Christ im glad he did not hit his head because when it came down to it he was the best prankster

not enough action for a madness video i think and slow start :/

hahah that was the best help ever!

HOo RAAA !!! woo this is awesome!!

lol that was pretty funny i wish there was more fight scenes tho

do you think a green colored red eyes with flames can join as devill? :3

lol "dude" hahaha

hahaha <3 <3 <3 this is great!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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