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This is reay cool love the animation style reminds me of a old adult swim cartoon! This was really awesome keep up the great work dialog was super funny to!

BuddypalBrigade responds:

I think your referring to the show Teletubbies. We actually have the entire series on vhs and manually slow and cut the audio straight from it. Pro tip: if you speed it up fast enough, you'll see the baby's head in the background.

Look not a bad start at all! Ok The major problem I have with it is the slowness of "dramatic pauses" The rest is really cool audio and effect but the face they are not talking I feel like there is no point for the dramatic pauses then maybe if you added dialog in there I would see it being alot better or adding more action and taking out the waiting parts. What ever you do keep up with making the good content k!

Unit-Productions responds:

Thanks for the feedback m8 :)

I will be honest I am not a big furry porn fan or even a foot job fan ... BUT you managed for me to like this video one the charecters you used look so cool ! and the art style and animation is clean and super smooth ! Two you had the cock looking more human than nasty red dog penis I think that made me like it alot to Nice work I thought I would not enjoy this but I really did keep up the awesome work 100/100

RookieAnimator210 responds:

I appreciate it man! More of her coming soonn!

Jesus I would be scared letting that thing suck it lol I was worried it was gonna be a gore video creative new idea is awesome though but mouth was a bit to freaky for hentai for me lol

RookieAnimator210 responds:

Sometimes the scary and dangerous is the most pleasing 😊

"Ooohh!" lol this is a cool madness charecter I would like to suggest after seeing this if you can grab like 3-4 dead muscians and bring them in the madness to fight

Crazymonkey154 responds:

A fight of musicians sounds intriguing.

Lol this is awesome "These are the fine people who fund my campaign!" then shows meaniest bad guys LOL this is awesome and true how a president commercial would look in Madness universe

Crazymonkey154 responds:

I'm glad you liked this and got a laugh out of it! Using a 1337 agent, an ATP engineer, and the Auditor for that bit was done for humorous effect, which thankfully seems to have paid off.

TThats so cool pac man would of been awesome with ghost bosses if it was 2d side scroller like that ! NIce pac man rules can I suggest you use ship from space invade vs 1917 ship I would be in favor for space invader!

XeonSpriteMaster responds:

Thank you. I appreciate it. And I'll take your advice.

this was awesome i bet part 2 will be great

tntbeeler responds:

An episode of Part 2 is pending judgment on my profile, so it'll be on there soon!
But it is already live on my website @ gusbeeler.com
Thank you for support and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

- Gus

fuck yeah!!!! lol I LOVE THIS I want some of that cake shit love the music and comedy in it !! OMG hes still going XD :O this is sooo awesome nice work !

ZabuJard responds:

Thanks man!

Lol as soon as he smiled at the pig made me think "hes gonna eat it isn't he?! " lol XD sure enough that made the video great what a twist nice work 10/10 keep up the amazing work

davidpuralocura responds:

lol i guess it can be a bit predictable
but sometimes its fun to know what happens and see it done

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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