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Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D


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Daltonism (religion)

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RedeyestheSecound's News

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 30th, 2018

If you help I promise to give you spots for a main charecter wh;o has alot of crazy bizzare problems!

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 29th, 2018

Bulls eye!!! My red eyes!

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 29th, 2018

I dont know who I am any more or who I used to be I feel like a completed jigsaw puzzle thats been smashed with a baseball bat repeatidly :) but I am sooo happy for no reason soo I guess every thing is all gucci..Pills they have me on is called OLANZapine also kown as ZYPREXA

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 27th, 2018

Let the dark BEGiN hey hey hey

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 26th, 2018

So tomorrow I get to goto a therapist because no one can accept my anger problems ..I guess if you all dont hear from me for a while I am i a padded room for the next month !

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 26th, 2018


I need my sleeping pills after they were stolen i have been counting the 30 days down!!!

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 24th, 2018

I am trying to upload some karaoke audio filles but it says im not allowed to use WMA files so How am I supposed to fix this I used sound recorder to record them basic app on computer


Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 23rd, 2018

What is next gold day for newgrounds double xp ? it says 12 hours 

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 22nd, 2018

I was too mean.. Im gonna pay for it all one day my anger problems .. And I accept that untill then I gotta sit back and regret regret and regret ..

Posted by RedeyestheSecound - June 21st, 2018

Im not sure how .. well no I believe I do know how I got very sick half way through working on my cartoon due to my autistic cousin he has a poop fetish and every morning his mom wont clean the bathroom up after him so there is SHIT literally every where like specs of shit today was the worst the wall had a big smear on it tolite handle did and the handles for the sink mean while his mom is out side on the phone complaining how her daughter "kicked her out" which was not true lmao really like I went over there with her 2 weeks ago and her daughter my other cousin who is really cool and open minded said this exact words "If you think im treating you like shit then you can move out" she never kicked her out she just moved in with us well one of her sons actually just got out of prison this year and they were inviting him to our house me and my parents till one day I snapped at him for acting weird and spitting in my choaclate milk or making a 7 year old spit in my cup I woke up and found a lookie in my choclate milk fucken basterd so I threatened him with a kife for sayig "I got you " while making a mean mug at me I picked up a big butcher knife and said "you sure you wanna challage me mother fucker you might of been to prison but im a nightmare of a prisoner" he never came back cause hes banned from here so a week later he decided to drown my aunts dog in a fish tank why? I think he was trying to work with black witch magic I dont see why some one has to drown a dog ! so a week later my aunt moved out "moved out" came here crying about her dog and my mom let her move in .. I dont trust the bitch and never did she did my uncle dirty ! He helped her move back to KY which was a 13 hour drive and in return she stole two of his leather coats and it turns out the bigger the coat the more money so she got away with 150$ then she has the erve to ask me to ask him for pills cause shes a druggie with medication this has been the hardest month for me .. Been angry more than half the time I hear my heart beat in my ears at time I get so angry so IDK I might die due to a brain enrisim and then she stole my sleeping pills ad not just 5  or 2 she took 15!!! o the first night I got them so ow I gotta keep a lock on my door till they leave! AHHHHHH If any one has any black magic I can use your help.. I am at the point of .. IDK I am relaly angry and I know I will never get my pills back from her but she needs to pay some how bad luck, sickness to a supream, or even death IDC fucken cunts name is shirley cook ! And she keeps lieing constantly she broke a jesus on the cross mini statue and blamed it on me for shutting the door..  I am like oh is that why I heard it smash 2 mins after I went out side like while i was sitting out side smoking I heard a loud crash seance it was not the first one seance they got here I had no energy to check or care If you wish to help me get my revenge then please message me saying you wanna join Daltonism and only if you really mean it! only thing is my relgion does not accept people who self harm with cutting them selfs or killing them selfs I cant accept those people in and wont choose to do so EVEN THOUGH I really want my powers back  !! With 15 members in my relgion I can start Using energy I never had to begi with not from the followers eaither it just boost my energy also the first 30 members will be top members I look out for most MY relgion will happen again and this time I wont let it die out like a old meme !!!